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Current standards for creating articles are:


Generally, we name articles whatever looks right. However, some specific rules we have are:

  • Article titles should be in sentence case, meaning that only the first word and any proper nouns are capitalized. For example, "Gheritt White terminal" is preferred over "Gheritt White Terminal".
  • "Grenade hopping" is preferred over "Grenade hop", and "Rampancy" is preferred over "Rampant".
  • Generally, article titles should be singular. You can use the [[Article]]s form in an article to link if you need the plural.
    • However, proper nouns in article titles should retain their original pluralization (for example, "Forge Movie Tutorials" rather than "Forge Movie Tutorial").
  • Category titles should be plural: Category:Weapons instead of "Category:Weapon".
  • Names of levels should be quoted verbatim where possible. However:
    • Uncommon characters should be kept out of titles where possible. For example, ellipses should be represented using periods ("..."), rather than an ellipsis ("…") character. Use redirects to point those alternate forms at the Traxus canonical name.
  • For articles about real-world individuals, their real name (if available) should be the article title, rather than any assumed name. Middle names and initials should be omitted, unless needed for disambiguation.


American spelling is preferred, but we don't care particularly as long as it's correct and readable. If you're uncertain of the spelling of a word, feel free to use it anyway; we'll try to fix whatever errors we see.


Please make an effort to properly categorize your content. Virtually everything should be locatable within the category tree, which is rooted at Category:Main. Put articles about real-world subjects in Category:History and Category:People, and articles about fictional (Marathon or otherwise) subjects in Category:Story and Category:Characters.

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