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This section was last updated 2008 February 3.

For the latest happenings in the Marathon community, check on[1], Marathon's Story Forum and The Pfhorums.

  • 2008 February 3
    • Eternal X Final Candidate 5 has been released for public testing. The 1.0 release is planned for February 14 if no major bugs are found.
  • 2007 December 13
    • The massive 48-level Aleph One scenario Eternal has entered final-candidate status. A new public beta has been related which contains the complete game, playable from start to finish.
  • 2007 October 5
    • Bungie has formally split from Microsoft, changing its name from Bungie Studios to Bungie, LLC. Microsoft retains the exclusive publishing rights to the Halo series, but it's believed that Bungie still holds the rights to Marathon.
  • 2007 September 25
    • Bungie has released Halo 3, the latest game in the main Halo series. Like the other titles in the series, it has many similarities and references to Marathon and incorporates a number of its concepts and gameplay elements, despite taking place in a separate continuity.

Anticipated events

  • The full release of Marathon: Pathways into Darkness, allowing players without access to a Classic MacOS system to experience the game. Date unknown.
  • The announcement of Bungie's next title, though it's expected to be unconnected to Marathon. Date unknown.
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