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Traxus is the combined effort of several people to organize and expand the information in the Marathon games themselves, the Story page, and the Story forums. A secondary goal is to add new information in a more clean, efficient, and speedy manner rather than waiting for things to pile up in Hamish Sinclair's inbox.

All the information here is immediately derived from the Marathon games, third-party scenarios, Bungie employees, and players of the game who derived their own conclusions from the above three. Copyrights to those pieces of information belong to their respective owners (see also Traxus:Copyrights).

Traxus was founded in September 2005 by administrators Eric Peterson (more widely known as thermoplyae) and Jesse Luehrs. In March 2009, Eric no longer had time for site administration, and passed that responsibility to Claude Errera. ChristTrekker joined the admin team in September that year.


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