The Gray Incident

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The Gray Incident

Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 17 Solo
7 Net
A1-compatible? Required
Developer: Alex Bolton
Initial Release: September, 2007
Latest Release: In developmentv 1.0
Status: Complete
What's New: MW

The Gray Incident is set at some undetermined point between the end of Marathon Infinity and the established beginning of the events of Marathon Rubicon. The Security Officer is aboard the UESC Istanbul, which is part of a subdivision called the "Outer Space Expeditionary Force." The ship happens upon a distant, uncharted planet, and is set upon by a Pfhor attack force, crippling the Istanbul and requiring the player to venture down to the planet to deflect the attacking force and stage a counterattack.

After capturing the Pfhor cruiser that initially engaged the Istanbul, the player returns to the planet's surface to investigate what appears to be ruins... and eventually gets entangled into an ancient, sinister plot to annihilate the S'pht, and the rest of the universe.



The Gray Incident features a 17-level single player scenario. In comparison to scenarios such as Marathon Rubicon, Eternal, and Excalibur, each boasting around fifty levels, TGI is a shorter scenario. The level design is, for the most part, more straightforward, with a greater focus on larger-scale battles and high difficulty rather than sprawling complexes that require dedicated exploration.

Shortly after the scenario's initial release, a highly detailed walkthrough was developed to help players who were confused, with fully-uncovered maps that revealed all of the secrets and the best paths and strategies to get through each level.

The Gray Incident is not for mere mortals. In essence, The Gray Incident is about just how much butt you can kick. At this point in time, The Gray Incident is not completely finished. Real life issues have emerged, making it impossible for the TGI team to continue production for now.



The player awakes from stasis on the UESC Istanbul and helps defeat the initial Pfhor assault.

0 - Not Constantinople

1. Counterattack

The player descends to the planet's surface to disrupt the Pfhor attack, and ultimately hijack a Pfhor ship in orbit.

1 - Desert Of Set

2 - The Accolade

3 - Murder On The Rue Acheron

2. Exploration

The player investigates ruins seemingly teeming with electric activity, and encounters the Renegades, a deviant S'pht'Kr faction.

4 - Hallowed Be Thy Name

5 - Knee Deep In The Slime

6 - Bob Has Bitch Tits

3. Renegades

The player begins infiltrating a Renegade citadel to find out all he can about this ruthless and perplexing enemy.

7 - One Cannnot Simply Walk Into Mordor

8 - An Address Unknown

9 - Candlelight Fantasia

4. The Gray Incident

As the Renegade plot is revealed, the player and the armed force from the Istanbul begin their assault on the Renegade headquarters.

10 - Golden Dawn

11 - Just Run Around And Shoot Some Stuff

12 - What About Your Mom?

13 - Resident Weevils

14 - Sonic Firestorm


After seemingly defeating the Renegades, the player acts to mop up the remaining Pfhor forces.

15 - Valley of the Damned

16 - The Power of One

New Weapons

The Gray Incident features a combination of classic Infinity weapons as well as a handful of updated weapons and a couple brand new instruments. While the original magnums, fusion pistol, and alien weapon remain, TGI introduces the machine pistol, crossbow, EMP cannon, and updated MA75s and flamethrowers. These weapons help encourage the player to use a broader arsenal, rather than sticking with just a couple weapons.

New Enemies

While the scenario does not feature any genuinely new monsters, the main plot of the scenario revolves around a plot engineered by a renegade S'pht'Kr faction. The renegades have mastered synthetic reproduction to the point of being able to clone the enemies that they come across, and engineer them to be more effective as well—so for the bulk of the scenario, the player fights upgraded Pfhor monsters, as well as enemy S'pht'Kr and cloned humans as well.

The Gray Incident: Beyond

See Also: Marathon Phoenix

After the initial release, the scenario's lead developer began working on a large-scale revamp of the scenario, with the reasoning that a lot of the initial release's elements were subpar—poor levels, primarily. Additionally, new weapons would be added to replace the remaining Infinity guns, and the plot and terminal text would be largely rewritten. This update has been in "Update Hell" for several months now, though the author does insist that it is not dead.


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