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A scenario is a collection of maps, sounds, textures, sprites, and physics that make up a playable game.

The Marathon Trilogy

These are the official Bungie games that started it all.

Total conversions

A total conversion is a true scenario in the sense of an end-to-end playable game like the original trilogy.



Minor Conversions

Minor conversions are scenarios that have some minor changes, such as a few additional textures or monsters, but aren't profoundly different from the Trilogy.



Additional Maps

These are collections of maps that are not unified into a single game, but are meant for solo or network fragfests.


What's New?

Here is an aid to deciphering the What's New section of the infobox on scenario pages. (It is assumed that new scenarios have new plots.)

Uses the cooperative multiplayer capabilities of the Aleph One engine.
New monsters.
New music.
New objects.
New physics.
New ambient sounds.
New textures.
New universe, not Bungie standard—beware plot assumptions!
New weapons.
Uses the 3D model capability of the Aleph One engine rather than 2D sprites.

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