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Marathon RED
Resistance... Desperation... Acceptance... RED.
Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 32 Solo
A1-compatible? Converted
Developer: Ian McConville
Initial Release: September 2, 2000
Latest Release:
Status: Complete
What's New: MOPSTUW

Marathon RED is a total conversion scenario for Marathon Infinity which is known for its distinctive art style, advanced special effects, extreme difficulty, and dark storyline.



The marine wakes up in a stasis cell aboard a UESC ship, filled with heavily armed cybernetic marines commanded by Ian McConville himself. The ship has been sent to investigate a derelict Pfhor spacecraft. Once there, the player and his fellow marines discover a race of grotesque creatures, known as the organics. The organics create nests out of some sort of grey biological overgrowth, which can engulf almost any surface.

The player is forced to leave the Pfhor ship because the organics have infested the UESC ship too. While the invasion commenses, a horrid being known as Joshua communicates with the player and reveals himself to be the creator of the organics. The UESC ship is eventually destroyed, and for a while Ian believes that the organics are defeated.

Later, the player is brought to an large human metropolis that has been attacked by a new alien race, known as the metalloids. The metalloids are creatures composed solely of fragments of broken machinery. As the player and the inhabitants of the metropolis fight the metalloids, they meet the organics once again. The organics are able to infest the bodies of humans to become cocoons for their young. Humans are supposedly the perfect hosts for the organic young. The organics and metalloids join forces and massacre the entire population of the city. The player soon meets Michael, the creator of the Metalloids.

In retaliation, McConville sends the player back to the infested Pfhor ship to defeat the organics once and for all. The plan backfires, however, as soon the player is abducted by Michael himself and is transformed into a hybrid organic/human creature with incredible physical abilities. Driven by Michael's influence, the player attempts to kill McConville, only to realize that what he has destroyed was only a hologram. McConville leaves the player stranded on the world the organics have infested, forcing him to finish what was started. Michael believes the player to be corrupted and impure by what the organics have done to him, and thus punishes Joshua for it. The player soon enters a large stone pyramid, known as Michael's "chariot". He then relives past battles in psychotic dreams and assaults Michael directly.

Near the end, Michael's plan is fully revealed. He wishes to destroy the entire universe, thus making it "perfect" in his eyes. The player eventually infiltrates Michael's inner sanctum and destroys him, causing the pyramid itself to self destruct. The player then escapes from the prymaid and journeys the universe as a now immortal and unstoppable being.


Chapter I - Resistance

1 - Too tired to kill?

2 - Noises in the Dark

3 - Need more Duct Tape...

4 - Why did it stop...?

5 - G3 Sun 300Mhz

6 - G3 Sun 300Mhz

7 - G3 Sun 300Mhz

8 - G3 Sun 300Mhz

9 - Nothing's too big to Nuke...

Chapter II - Desperation

10 - Floating in Agony

11 - Medatron of the Void

12 - Burning down the park

13 - Looking for Floaters

14 - Last Minute Shopping

15 - Heads or Tails?...

16 - And why did I have to do that?...Sir...

17 - Jägermeister's Nightmare

18 - Mmmm...Tastes like Evil

19 - 3

Chapter III - Acceptance

20 - ...can we say, "MOSH PIT!"

21 - To the Liver!

22 - Chaos Inc.

23 - Can we get a Squeegy over here?

24 - Re-Tired

25 - Re-Dark

26 - Re-Con

27 - Re-Shop

28 - Re-Jag


30 - How big's your can?

Secret Levels

31 - Up from the depths...30 stories high...



RED includes a full arsenal of original weapons, with only the player character's fists and the WSTE-M Combat Shotgun unmodified from Infinity. RED's official website expands on the in-game story text with descriptions of how the new weapons work (in the context of the game's world).

  • The .33 Mercury Pistol is a small, handheld machine pistol that fires like an Uzi. It has a 90-round round which is able to empty in about 6 seconds. This weapon can be compared to the Assault Rifle in terms of damage; in addition, it is a lot more accurate than even the KKV-7 Fletchette featured in Marathon Infinity. It has virtually no recoil.
  • The DS Microwave is essentially a smaller version of the old TOZT, with slightly shorter range. By using the secondary trigger, you can launch the gas tank inside this weapon, which will explode with the ability to clear out an area of enemies. The launched gas tank may bounce once or twice before detonating.
  • The Conch Miner's primary function is a beam of energy, which is devastating to machinery (like the fusion pistol). However, it has a medium range, and may not be able to reach enemies on sniper ledges. Warning, if fired into a wall at point-blank range, you will receive damage. Under no circumstances should this weapon be fired under liquid, as it will cause instant death. The secondary function is dropping a mine where you stand, which will not be triggered by you, but by approaching enemies as they step over the mine.
  • The Version 3 Pulse Rifle rapidly fires uranium slugs in bursts of 2, and is suited to fighting tough monsters at close range; however, it's difficult to target smaller monsters with it. It's the only long-range weapon in the scenario that can fire underwater. The human Marines in the game carry this weapon, and drop ammo for it with killed.
  • The KROM 3 Omega Cannon has a slow rate of fire, with four shots per clip. It also carries a large recoil, which may knock a player into a lower level or liquid. However, it can kill most anything it comes in contact with.
  • The RV-ST RPG is basically a hand-held rocket launcher in the form of a glove. It can reload in just four seconds, and carries 4 rockets. This is a good weapon to get out of a tight spot.
  • The Fusion Mace is essentially regular mace wrapped in an energy shield. This melee weapon also has a charge feature not unlike the fusion pistols'. After charging, the mace does about 10x more damage.
  • The H.V.S.O.P.O.W (High Velocity Sub Orbital Pissed Off Weasel), also known as The Weasel, is exactly what it sounds like.

Volunteers series

See Also: RED Volunteers

From March 25 to April 21 in 2004, Mark Levin made a series of posts on Marathon's Story Forum under the title "RED Volunteers", writing a walkthrough and some discussion and analysis for each level of the scenario.

Unreleased content

  • In the game's credit terminal, McConville wrote that he'd release an additional map pack soon.[citation needed] One fan has promised to eat a pair of pants if this happens.[1]
  • A full-fledged sequel was planned at one point.[citation needed]
  • McConville also created "a series of shape and physics files that allowed the player to be any of the enemies in RED"[1]. In 2004, Mark Levin mentioned having a copy of them[1], but as of 2009 they haven't been released to the public.

Related works

A total of five RED-based network map packs by independent authors were submitted to following RED's release: 5ive Alive by n8; Purple Torch, Meerkat Wrecknophobe and Jerkcity by oogaBooga; and the single-level Space Mutiny by Phil Walk.

RED 1.1

During the RED Volunteers project, Levin decided to create a revised version of RED to address some of the more easily fixed bugs and playability issues in the scenario. McConville posted his approval[1], and Levin began posting a series of threads inviting feedback on various details of the project.
On 2004 August 6, Levin released RED 1.1 Beta 1. However, a bug in 1.1 makes the second half of the game even harder than the original version.[1] As of 2009, no fix for this has been released.
The idea for RED 1.1 was apparently first suggested by Blayne Scott[1], although it may have been privately in planning earlier than that.


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