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Marathon 2: Durandal
Levels: 28 solo
13 net
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Bungie Software
Initial Release: November 24, 1995
Latest Release:
Status: Complete
What's New:

Marathon 2: Durandal, commonly shortened to Marathon 2), is the second game in the Marathon Trilogy and was shipped November 24, 1995[1]. The full contents of the trilogy were released to the public as a part of the Trilogy Release and can be played for free with Aleph One.



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The Engine

With Marathon 2, Bungie gave the Marathon engine a complete overhaul. Although the basic gameplay remained the same, M2 added many new features as well as minor tweaks and fixes. For an attempt at a list of the most significant changes, see Engine differences between Marathon and Marathon 2.

Bungie also licensed the engine (in both Macintosh and Windows formats) out to other developers for use in commercial games. This ultimately led to the creation of Prime Target, ZPC, Damage Incorporated, and Wheels, though not necessarily in that order.

In 2000, Bungie released Marathon 2's source code to the public under the GNU General Public License. Soon afterwards, fans banded together to establish the Aleph One project, eventually establishing a single cross-platform engine able to run all three Marathon games.


I - Lh'owon

1 - Waterloo Waterpark

2 - The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

3 - Charon Doesn't Make Change

II - Volunteers

4 - What About Bob?

5 - Come and Take Your Medicine

6 - We're Everywhere

III - Garrison

7 - Ex Cathedra

8 - Nuke and Pave

9 - Curiouser and Curiouser

IV - Citadel

10 - Eat It, Vid Boi!

11 - The Hard Stuff Rules...

12 - Bob's Big Date

13 - Six Thousand Feet Under

V - Durandal

14 - If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay

15 - Sorry Don't Make It So

16 - For Carnage, Apply Within

17 - Begging for Mercy Makes Me Angry!

VI - Captured

18 - The Big House

VII - Blake

19 - This Side Toward Enemy

20 - God Will Sort the Dead...

21 - My Own Private Thermopylae

22 - Kill Your Television

VIII - Simulacrums

23 - Where the Twist Flops

24 - Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks

25 - Requiem for a Cyborg

IX - S'pht'Kr

26 - Fatum Iustum Stultorum

27 - Feel the Noise

28 - All Roads Lead to Sol...

Windows Port

In 1996, Bungie released a port of Marathon 2 for Windows computers. It can be downloaded from here (under "Marathon 2 for Windows"), thanks to the Trilogy Release. Illustrations of the major changes in the Windows version can be found here; we've also attempted to document some of the major changes on this site under Waterloo Waterpark and Charon Doesn't Make Change.

The port was largely forgotten after Aleph One was ported to Windows in 2000, allowing Windows users to run the original Macintosh versions of all three games.


Marathon 2 may have been originally released in Spanish and German, and possibly other languages, in addition to English.[2]

In 2007, Microsoft published an Xbox 360 port of Marathon 2 which included full translations of all terminal messages into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean; with all translations made new for the port by a Microsoft localization team rather than using any existing versions.[3] However, as of 2008 none of the translations have yet been transcribed and repackaged for computer players, and no information has been released on whether Microsoft and Bungie would approve of such a project.

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