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Mararthon: Yuge
Engine: Aleph One
Levels: 30 Solo, 225 secret
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: W'rkncacnter, Windbreaker
Initial Release: July 9, 2017 v1.0
Latest Release: December 21, 2018 v1.2
Status: Complete
What's New: MOSTW

Mararthon: Yuge is a scenario for Aleph One that was developed in the spring and summer of 2017 by community members W'rkncacnter and Windbreaker. Nine mappers contributed hundreds of small map segments which were fed into a procedural map generator created by W'rkncacnter. Yuge features a 30-level campaign with a story along with 225 secret levels, and the scenario includes mostly new shapes created by both W'rkncacnter and Windbreaker.



The player must collect items lost by an AI named Olmec, who wishes to deliver an urgent message to an increasingly troubled humanity. The player must work with several protagonists and antagonists to secure the lost items. The collection of all the items ends the game and delivers the message to the player.

Mararthon: Yuge features five chapters:

  • Loch
  • WELL!
  • :C
  • 4GET


W'rkncacnter first experimented with procedural map generation by creating YugePax, a multiplayer map pack of 10,000 maps released on April 1st, 2017. YugePax features similar map segments that are stitched together, textured, and itemized at random to generate playable levels. Five days after its release, W'rkncacnter posted on the Pfhorums expressing interest in pursuing a single player and cooperative scenario in the vein of Kill Them All. W'rkncacnter cited community member Adminn_1's review of YugePax, which included the first reference to the name "Marathon: Yuge". Unlike YugePax, the new scenario would be a community project open to submissions from anyone.

W'rkncacnter posted map segment templates to the Pfhorums days later, and over the next three months, eight other mappers contributed hundreds of map segments to the project. In that time, W'rkncacnter and Windbreaker added a progressively larger amount of original content to the project than had originally been intended, including several new weapons, new textures and scenery, several new liquids, Lua precipitation, two new boss monsters, new music, an original title and menu screen, and a custom Aleph One interface theme. Once the project had passed the scope of a Kill Them All-style scenario, W'rkncacnter wrote a 30-level story, which was then edited by Windbreaker, who wrote the final end screen.

A total of 353 unique mapping segments were contributed to the project over the spring and summer of 2017. While the principal map file contains 256 levels, there are several other map files with varying parameters available at a secret URL which players can access through a terminal on one of the secret levels. W'rkncacnter later released Yuge Bigly Bonus Maps, an expansion pack of 2048 additional Yuge maps, on July 26th, 2017.


Yuge has been updated twice since its initial release in July, 2017. The first update fixed cooperative play and added application icons. The most recent update to Yuge fixes the starting terminals to work with the newest version of Aleph One, adds fog to several levels in the original campaign, and makes several minor adjustments to the campaign levels.

Yuge Bigly Bonus Maps was also updated and increased in size to 2304 maps in early 2018, and was updated again in late 2018 to fix terminal issues.


Mappers (by number of contributions):

  • Windbreaker
  • RyokoTK
  • Sankara
  • W'rkncacnter
  • President People
  • $lave
  • General Tacticus
  • Glamdring
  • Adminn_1

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