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Welcome to the Traxus Project, a knowledge database about the Marathon universe and community. Get started at Storyline Overview to see what this is all about, or go to Get Marathon to start playing.

Getting Started

Games Races Scenarios


  • Contrary to rumors you may have read elsewhere, this wiki is NOT dead. (4 November 2013)
  • New templates for terminals have been created, which hopefully will make recreating terminals on this wiki simpler. The older templates will remain for compatibility, but {{term}} and {{term start}} should replace their functionality.
  • The {{userbox}} has been reworked, and offers several styles to spruce up your user page.
  • Email-based features of this wiki are currently broken. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • The newest version of PHP is not fully compatible with the captcha we use, and this breaks page-save functionality. We think we have a workaround, but if you experience problems please write to "errera" at this domain (without traxus prefix) with details.

How you can help

This is a short list of things we'd really like to see done. Look to the Community Portal for more detail and discussion.

  • Create a more detailed style guide at Traxus:Standards so that future articles can be written in a consistent style and format.
  • Create more pages on third-party scenarios, including information on how to run earlier scenarios on modern platforms.
    • Fill out scenario stubs into detailed articles. Many of our scenario articles are nothing more than placeholders!
  • Write up information on Marathon editing tools.
  • Upload logos or icons for the various scenarios that currently have articles.

See also wanted pages for a list of subjects that have been referenced and not yet written about.

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