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Beyond Infinity Lies Destiny
Engine: Aleph One
Levels: 52 Solo
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Forrest Cameranesi et al
Initial Release: July 25, 2004
Latest Release: February, 2008vX 1.0.3
Status: Complete
What's New: MPSTW

Eternal is a scenario for Aleph One which continues the story of the Marathon trilogy. It is a nearly total conversion, featuring all new levels, textures, weapons, music, and interface, and several new creatures and characters, alongside the complete cast from the original Trilogy and several familiar locations.

Eternal is the oldest and longest-in-development scenario in Marathon history.



Picking up from the end of the Marathon trilogy, you find yourself suddenly ninety-four years in the future, in the year 2905. You are on the S'pht moon K'lia, hanging in orbit over a desolate and ruined Earth. Clearly all is not well with this future, and once again you are the last hope for mankind. The people of this time say that nobody really won in the war with the Pfhor; but now, thanks to recovered Jjaro technology, a plan has been devised to make things right. Paired with another sort of hybrid creature, the former Battleroid known as Hathor, you have been selected to venture back across time, one hundred and eleven years in the past to the UESC Marathon. There, you and Hathor are to set in motion a plan that will alter the course of history and bring true victory to mankind. But things don't always go according to plan, and what begins as a mission to right history turns into an epic pursuit which spans not only the stars but also the centuries...

Eternal features five chapters set in five very different times and places within the Marathon universe. They are:

  • Chapter I: Memory, set aboard the UESC Marathon during the initial Pfhor attacks in the year 2794 A.D.
  • Chapter II: Enemy, set on and around a Pfhor colony during the last days of the Pfhor war in the year 2881 A.D.
  • Chapter III: Prophecy, set on Lh'owon during the S'pht Clan Wars in the year 811 A.D., and during the Pfhor conquest of Lh'owon in the year 1811 A.D.
  • Chapter IV: Legacy, set near an abandoned Jjaro mining colony approximately 12,000 years ago.
  • Chapter V: Antiquity, set in an ancient Jjaro facility over 65 million years ago.
Spoiler Warning
 There are spoilers contained in this section. Facts or speculations about characters or events may be present.
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Hathor has her own agenda, unrelated to righting history, as you learn from Tycho before his capture by the Pfhor. She plans to rewrite history, in an attempt to regain her humanity, or at least not be mistreated by humanity.

Development history

Eternal began development in 1996 immediately upon the release of Marathon Infinity. Known originally as "Forever More", the project continued haphazardly for the next four years until going dormant in the year 2000. Four years later, in June of 2004, the project was to be abandoned as scrap, but due to popular support development was instead resumed. The first playable version of Eternal, "Mark I", consisting of only the first chapter, was released on July 25th, 2004; the 790th pre-anniversary of the attack on the Marathon.

Over the next 26 weeks, four more "Marks" were released, each completing the next chapter in the game and improving upon the previous materials, culminating in the release of Eternal Mark V on Marathon's 10th anniversary, December 21st, 2004. Eternal Mark V received over ten thousand downloads before going offline, but it was always merely the penultimate release. Originally scheduled to follow soon thereafter was the completed release, "Eternal X", which would put the final polish on the scenario. But that project took on a life of its own, wholly revising much of what had already been developed for Eternal Mark V, and it would not be until February 2008 that Eternal X finally saw public release.


Prologue - Destiny

Chapter I - Memory



Chapter II - Enemy



Chapter III - Prophecy



Chapter IV - Legacy



Chapter V - Antiquity



Epilogue - Eternity


The monsters of Eternal are more or less the same than what was seen in Marathon 2 and Infinity; however, several have been replaced by their original Marathon counterparts, such as the trooper, compiler, and hunter. Several monsters from the original Marathon which were absent from Marathon 2 and Infinity have also returned: the wasp and looker, and the Pfhor Controller Cyborg. The enforcers, while generally of the Marathon 2 and Infinity style, come in two varieties, one equipped with the original Marathon enforcer weapon (the "S-Rifle") and another with the Marathon 2 and Infinity enforcer weapon (the "N-Cannon").

There are also several new monsters...

Native S'pht - Civillian S'pht as they were before their enslavement by the Pfhor, as depicted in several terminal pictures in Marathon 2. They are unarmed, fragile, brain-like creatures, cybernetically mounted onto mechanical hover devices.

Headless - Seen in Pathways Into Darkness, the Headless are physically manifested dreams of the W'rkncacnter. They are reasonably fast and fire fast projectiles like that of the Pfhor Fighter. They usually appear in large groups from infinite spawning points.

Nightmares - Again, from Pathways into Darkness, the Nightmares are also are physically manifested dreams of the W'rkncacnter. Nightmares are floating monsters capable of firing streams of energy bolts akin to that of the S'pht Complier. It has a small death explosion.

Banshees - Again, from Pathways into Darkness, the Banshees are also are physically manifested dreams of the W'rkncacnter. The Banshees are only capable of attack at close range, at which they attempt to envelope you. However, they are immune to all but the Gravitronic Blades and the Wave Motion Cannon.

Orb - Using sprites adapted from Pathways into Darkness but with behavior unrelated to them, the Orb fires fast streams of fusion bolts. They are invincible.


Eternal features the following weapons...

Earlier versions of Eternal (Marks I - V) featured the S'pht Orb Device in place of the Gravitronic Blades.

Volunteer series

See: Eternal Volunteers

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