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No flesh shall be spared.
Engine: Marathon 2
Levels: 24 solo, 11 net[1]
A1-compatible? No
Developer: Zombie Studios
Initial Release: November 1996
Latest Release: November 1996
Status: Complete
What's New:

ZPC ("Zero Population Count") is a formerly commercially released computer game which runs on a modified version of Marathon 2's game engine. The game's developers bought a license to use the engine from Bungie Software, allowing them to legally sell the game (through publisher GT Interactive Software). Separate versions were released for Classic MacOS and Windows 95, although no known differences exist between the two versions' game data.

At some point prior to November 2003, Zombie artist Aidan Hughes (credited with the game's concept) announced plans to create or bring about a full-length ZPC film.[2] However, nothing is known to have come of this.


ZPC's campaign has the player take the role of a "Psionic War Messiah" who has been released from cryogenic imprisonment and tasked with destroying a group called the Black Brethren.


The Macintosh version is currently available here from The Macintosh Garden, an abandonware site.

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