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Yota Saga
Initial Release:
Latest Release:
Status: incomplete
What's New:

The Yota Saga is series of maps that were released by Goran in 17 parts from 2002 to 2004. Each part comes with around 1-6 levels, a shapes patcher, and a few words from Goran. A gradual increase in skill and maturing of level design can been seen throughout the series. Overall, the focus is on unique level design rather than on a good storyline. The story is about a guy and his A.I. Yota who crashes on a Pfhor-guarded moon. Soon they're involved with an outlaw organisation of Pfhor and humans that have plans to destroy the galaxy and rule it. On their journey they come in contact with another A.I. called Hanna and a soldier from the future that calls himself Zero. The series were left unfinished at part 17, spanning over 40 levels.

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