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Winter Projects
Engine: Aleph One
A1-compatible? Highly Recommended
Developer: Shadowbreaker, Drictelt
Initial Release:
Latest Release:
Status: First Installment Complete
What's New: T

The Winter Projects are a series of short scenarios, similar to those of the Xmas Trilogy. Currently only one has been released, featuring 88 high resolution textures and 7 levels, though an eventutal update is probable. The Winter Projects deviated from being called "Xmas" because at the end of Xmas 3, the story has supposedly ended. The Winter Projects have an entirely different story to the Xmas scenarios, though some of the artwork and physics ideas exist in both universes.


The first installment in the series is Winter 1: the Venom. The player is a stolen human cyborg, not related to the player in the Trilogy. You have been kidnapped by a marauding band of space-age pirates, under the command of an AI, called Zenith. Zenith and his entire crew are all disgracefully bad pirates, unfortunately. Zenith is overly sensitive, while the crew is weak and unskilled, thus leaving the player in charge of bringing honor to the band of pirates.

In hopes of plunder, the pirates followed a Pfhor battleship to a remote world, filled with swampy plant life. While Zenith and the crew attempt to hold the Pfhor off of their ship, you are sent down to the surface to investigate an abandoned science complex.

While investigating, the player comes across a formula for an extremely deadly disease crafted by desperate Vylae scientists searching for a cure for Vylae-cancer. Zenith chooses to destroy the disease or "Venom", rather than plot to use it against humanity. On the final level, the science complex is destroyed by deactivating its pressure beams, causing it to sink and crumble below the surface. Zenith and the pirates escape before reinforcements arrive.

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