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Where are monsters in dreams
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 6
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Jjaro
Mission Exploration
Monsters Defender
Previous Electric Sheep One
Electric Sheep Two
Electric Sheep Three
Next Acme Station
Aie Mak Sicur Failed

Where are monsters in dreams is the fifth and final level of Despair, the first chapter of Marathon Infinity.



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The only enemy on this level are shadowed S'pht'kr, which are nearly impossible to see, and twice as hard to kill off. The best solution for you in this level is to run as fast and hard through the level to avoid their fire, instead of trying to make a stand. There is very little to pick up in this level, only a rocket launcher and ammo on the far western room.

Your goal is the far southwestern room, which conveniently has a save terminal and the exit terminal.


  • At one point, you'll come across a bit of floor that drops beneath your feet as you try to set onto it. In the room you find yourself in, there are two yellow square: run across these to cause parts of that fallen hallway to rise back up. Retrace your steps back to just before this section of the hall, and run across: there is an exit terminal there, ready to take you off to Aie Mak Sicur.
  • With a bit of carefully footing, you can drop into the Z formed on the floor near the starting point, and access yourself a rocket launcher and ammo.


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