Where Some Rarely Go

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Where Some Rarely Go
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 9
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Chris Giesel
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Sewage
Monsters Fighter
Previous Post Naval Trauma
Next Thing What Kicks...

Where Some Rarely Go is the third level of Rage, the second chapter of Marathon Infinity.



The principal objective on this level is to "sink the Pfhor ranks under five meters of sludge", so that Durandal can succeed in defeating Planetary Command on Lh'owon. However, there is some aura of rush, as the scoutship of Battle Group Seven closes in after the atrocity on the Armor Platform of Post Naval Trauma, so that Pfhor maintenance terminal must be found quickly.


The combat on this level is simple; your only enemies are F'lickta, Fighters, and Compliers. Beware of the Attack Compliers- they are semi-invisible and slow moving, but their firepower and armor makes up for that. You receive a shotgun at the beginning of the level, and further ammunition later on, on a ledge overlooking the slime channel. The objective terminal is in the southeastern corner, in an isolated room on the other side of the slime channel; one can get there by reading all the terminals on the level, and teleporting there (end of the level at this terminal) by the terminal in the room opposite. This level is twinned with Thing What Kicks...


  • Near the bottom of the map, you'll encounter three square lifts, each which will crush you if you stay on them for too long. Facing them, the rightmost one will let you continue with the level, as there is an opening that you can scoot through before you get crushed, but in the leftmost one, there is a secret door on the right side of the north wall, approximately halfway up the wall, which opens onto a passage that leads to an ammo stash and compilers.
  • If you manage to fall into the large pool into the south, there is a channel that heads south - this eventually leads to a partially closed door and a crusher. You can open the door by shooting the switch that is just to the right beyond the door. Inside you'll find a terminal, a save term, and some interesting Pfhor experiments.


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