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Whatever You Please
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 12
Author Randy Reddig
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Lava
Monsters Compiler
Previous Electric Sheep Two
Electric Sheep Three
Next Naw Man He's Close
Carroll Street Station Failed

Whatever You Please is the sixth level of Rage, the second chapter of Marathon Infinity.



A very dark level, with lots of lava and lots of shadows compilers to keep you busy. The trick with this level is to take it slow and easy, and be ready for a compiler bolt to strike you at any time.


As you follow the only path around the level, you'll come across some dead ends. Actually, they're not dead ends: look up and around, and you'll locate a switch you can blast with your gun to raise or remove an obstruction from your path. Following the path will get you to a terminal that will whisk you off to the next level.


  • Pull out the rocket launcher, and you can rocket-jump up to several of the higher platforms out of reach to grab ammo, weapons, and easier access to save game terminals.
  • Alternatively, as you near the completion of this level, you'll return to the beginning of the level, except that many platforms will be active. You can use these platform to re-explore the level, picking up lots of goodies, but it requires a bit more control of midair jumping. You'll also face grey Enforcers as well, but at the end, you'll find a term to lead you to Carroll Street Station.
  • Alternatively, you can rocket launch yourself to this other term from the normal final term, and avoid the jumping route.


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