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Weapons can be used by players to inflict damage on other units. The gaming engine possess the ability to allow each weapon to be dual-wielded or have a second trigger function (such as the grenade launcher in the assault rifle).

Weapon definitions are stored in the Physics file and can be created or modified using Anvil.

For tactics about a particular weapon, see that weapon's article.


Weapon drops

Depending on the physics file, any unit can drop a weapon. In the Marathon trilogy, enforcers and BoBs will generally drop alien weapons and pistols, respectively. Lower ranked BoBs will drop ammunition for the pistol instead of the weapon itself. Killing a unit in such a way that it dies a hard death will "destroy" the item instead of dropping it. This includes weapons and ammunition.

During multiplayer games, however, weapon drops are determined by the initial setup and hard deaths are completely irrelevant: weapons are either dropped for every death or are not dropped at all.[citation needed]


Every weapon in the standard set (see below) uses a different type of ammunition. Clip sizes and maximum storage capacity vary per weapon. Ammunition appears as an item and can be picked up by running over it. Reloading occurs automatically after a clip has expired and there is no way to force a reload or eject a partial clip. All ammo must be used before a fresh clip is added. Interrupting the reloading process to switch weapons is allowed, but the entire sequence will need to be repeated later after reselecting the empty gun. If there is no more spare ammunition, the gun will automatically deselect.[citation needed]

See also: Ammunition

Standard set

The weapons used by the player-character in the Marathon trilogy are the following:

Interestingly, neither the fighter staff nor the trooper rifle is dropped upon death in the Trilogy.

Custom weapons

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