Waterloo Waterpark

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Waterloo Waterpark
Scenario Marathon 2
Level # 1
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Water
Mission {{{mission}}}
Attributes Repair
Monsters Fighter
Next The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Waterloo Waterpark is the first level Lh'owon, the first chapter of Marathon 2.



Waterloo Waterpark is the introduction to the Marathon 2 storyline. Durandal begins by informing you that you have just been awakened from stasis after 17 years in Durandal's ship Boomer. Durandal teleports you inside a water filtration plant on Lh'owon, the planet you have just arrived at. Your mission there is simple: place two uplink chips in the Pfhor computer system to allow Durandal access to it.


The game opens on a fight between the BoBs and some Pfhor Fighters. Let them take care of business and mop up whoever's left (if anyone), then head out the right door. Flip the switch hanging from the ceiling, then drop down off of the ledge and into the room. Continue through the eastern door and bear left, then open the door at the far east end of that room. Defeat the two fighters, collect the ammo that folds in, and then go up the left-hand (north) staircase.

Watch the fight between the fighters. drones, and Bobs, then clean up the mess they make. Head back to the door you came from to get some perspective on the scene. On the right side of the double-hallway is a dark tunnel. Head into it, climb the stairs, and defeat the fighters waiting for you. Pick up the uplink chip off of the floor and insert it into the slot in the wall, then walk up the stairs across the pool.

You're now above the two hallways you fought in earlier. Run and jump over both to collect pistol ammo, then head down the stairs on the far side. Continue straight ahead from here, then turn left. You should be presented with a window (through which you can see a couple of drones) and two descending staircases. Head down the left one and kill two fighters and two drones, collecting the AR and accompanying ammo. Head back upstairs and run back to the door you entered this half of the level from.

Re-enter the room with the two curvy staircases, this time taking the southern one. Defeat the three drones that await you, install the uplink chip that folds onto the floor, and bring up your health with the 1x recharger in the room. Head out the other door in the room, between the charger and the uplink slot. Walk down the hallway and activate the switch, then wait for the elaborate door to open. Once your path is clear, open the door in front of you and read the terminal that is either on your immediate left or straight ahead through the second door, depending upon what version of the game you're playing.


  • In the pool room on the left near the start of the level, go to the pool in the far corner, and grenade hop up on top of it. A platform will trigger, lifting you up, allowing you to open a hidden door on the wall (be careful not to fall off the platform, as you won't be able to lower it to get back on). Inside you will find a path leading to assault rifle ammo and grenades.
    • It is not necessary to grenade hop onto the platform, but the alternative method can be a little tricky. Starting in the water at the lowest point in the room and running onto the raised floor in the center and turning into the platform can give you enough vertical momentum to land on top of the ledge.
  • In the room that you drop into after the above, there is a hidden door in the corner on the wall to the left of the wall with the shadow cast on it. This door leads to an elevator which goes up to an upper level, containing a few Fighters and a shotgun with ten extra cartridges.
  • The upper level connects to a spacious room filled with water. In this room, a switch on an underwater ledge lowers the water, although there's no real benefit to this. At the floor of the room is an oxygen charger and a switch. This switch lowers the platform next to it, allowing you to ride it back up into the pool room at the start.



Terminal 1: 1st message





Terminal 1: 2nd message




Terminal 2: 1st message




Windows Conversion Changes

Windows version map
Windows version map

When Marathon 2 was released for Windows 95, Bungie took the opportunity to make some changes to a few levels, as compared to the Macintosh version. Waterloo Waterpark had the majority of those changes. Most were minor cosmetic changes, but there are also a few new secrets in the Windows version of the map.

  • All the doors now split from the middle as their texture seems to indicate. (In the Mac version, some doors just opened from the bottom.)
  • The entrance/exit terminal is moved to right in front of you as you exit the starting room, rather than off to the left
  • In the two rooms coming off of the starting location, the switches now only temporarily turn on the lights in the respective rooms. Also, the switch on the back of the left hand switch is removed.
  • The room after those rooms has a small maze type structure in it in the Mac version, but is replaced by an open room with a pool of water in the center in the Windows version.
  • There are some minor retexturings in various parts of the level.
  • In the room with the uplink chip on the north end of the map, there is a hidden passage in the pool, which leads to the outside lake area, a place which is inaccessible in the Mac version.
  • The Windows version contains a replica of the Marathon level Arrival hidden in it. To access this hidden level, you have to activate two switches. First, go out to the lake area and swim into the waterfall. Stepping inside the waterfall triggers the first switch. Next, go back to the room with the assault rifle. There is an added staircase leading to a room, which contains two long tunnels that you can see through. The one on the left has a switch visible. Use your assault rifle to grenade the switch, and then run back to the south uplink chip room, as fast as possible. If you get there in time, there will be a lowered platform on the right which you can step on. This will teleport you to the Arrival section of the map. This section contains a second shotgun.
  • Terminal text from the Arrival section:
M2.01.3.1: Waterloo Waterpark (Terminal 3: 1st message)
Opening Connection to ß.4.5-2305.10.2337
ehhg.431.4122//<PFGR ZNE6 &49c2>
CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc.<931.461.60231.14.vt920>
UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override)05.10.2337

/-/$Direct-Cortex CTRL-Active/-/


I have noticed that you are out of practice since our last engagement. By replaying your memory of the first encounter with the aliens I hope that I can bring you back up to speed.

Do you recognize this?

PgUp/PgDn/Arrows to ScrollReturn/Enter to Acknowledge
UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override)05.10.2337

Go here to return to your mission.

At this location there's a teleport pad which will automatically negate the playback routine I have set in motion. As a precaution, when you return I will put you closer to your exit point.

Have fun...

PgUp/PgDn/Arrows to ScrollReturn/Enter to Acknowledge
ehhg.431.4122//<PFGR ZNE6 &49c2>
PgUp/PgDn/Arrows to ScrollReturn/Enter to Acknowledge


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