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Vitality: / /
Primary weapon:wasp goo, unarmed attacks

Wasps are small flying creatures originally seen in Marathon 1. They have also been included in other scenarios. Wasps are first seen on the level "Smells like Napalm, Tastes like Chicken!". They are effective at jumping out and weakening the player, though not at taking much damage. Wasps can either sting or shoot gooey projectiles. Not much is said about the wasps in the terminals, but it is inferred that they are tamed beasts from the Pfhor homeworld. They are seen in large numbers aboard the Pfhor ship in Marathon 1, though they are not seen at all in Marathon 2 and Infinity. Wasps make birdlike shrieks when they are near.



Wasps come in minor and major forms:

Minor Wasp

Minor wasps have orange skin and a red eyes.

Major Wasp

Major wasps have white skin, a green eye, and are slightly stronger and more aggressive.

Third Party Scenarios

Wasps also appear in Marathon Rubicon and Eternal, in varying sizes. Wasps in these two scenarios are similar to the originals, but they both have slightly improved graphics and in Eternal they are much smaller.

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