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The W'rkncacnter are creatures (or a creature, see below) of destruction that hold no alliances to anything else within the Marathon universe. The player-character receives the task of keeping the W'rkncacnter imprisoned within Lh'owon's sun.

W'rkncacnter has also appeared as W'rcacnter.[citation needed]



The W'rkncacnter are first mentioned on the Marathon 2 level Six Thousand Feet Under[1]:

This is a quote from a terminal ([2])

In primordial space, timeless creatures
made waves. These waves created us and the
others. Waves were the battles, and the
battles were waves.

Fleeing all W'rkncacnter, Yrro and Pthia
settled upon Lh'owon. They brought the
S'pht, servants who began to shape the
deserts of Lh'owon into marsh and sea,
rivers and forests. They made sisters for
Lh'owon to protect and maintain the paradise.

When the W'rkncacnter came, Pthia was
killed, and Yrro in anger, flung the
W'rkncacnter into the sun. The sun burned
them, but they swam on its surface.

This text can be taken to imply that the W'rkncacnter are more than one being, but they are never mentioned again in Marathon 2. Marathon Infinity sometimes discusses the W'rkncacnter in singular, male form.[3]:

This is a quote from a terminal ([4])

The W'rcacnter groans under his slab.

Note: For the sake of consistency, this article refers to the W'rkncacnter as more than one creature


In both Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, the W'rkncacnter are in the state of imprisonment within Lh'owon's sun. They were put there by Yrro after Pthia died:

This is a quote from a terminal ([5])

When the W'rkncacnter came, Pthia was
killed, and Yrro in anger, flung the
W'rkncacnter into the sun. The sun burned
them, but they swam on its surface.

In desperation, the Pfhor decide to use the trih xeem to force Lh'owon's sun to enter a premature nova which would inadvertently release the W'rkncacnter on the universe.[6] Marathon Infinity's plot revolves around the player-character keeping the W'rkncacnter imprisoned.[citation needed]

There is an abandoned Jjaro station that can create a "singularity capable of swallowing" a nova and it is the player-character's task to reactivate it.


Due to the nature of Marathon Infinity's plot, there are instances when the W'rkncacnter appear to escape while other plot-lines explicitly mention it does not:

This is a quote from a terminal ([7])

Now I fear what that weapon has unleashed
will destroy us. I once boasted to be able
to count the atoms in a cloud, to
understand them all, predict them, and so
did I predict you, but this new chaos is
entirely terrible, mindless, obeying rules
that I don't comprehend.  And it is hungry.

Which contrasts the following:

This is a quote from a terminal ([8])

The jjarro station is on-line, and we're
wrapping the nova in its containment fields.
The creature, or creatures S'bhuth fears are
either dormant or a myth--we've seen nothing
to account for his terror.


There are numerous references to the W'rkncacnter as being or inhabiting chaos.[9] Perhaps the most obvious example is from You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time!:

This is a quote from a terminal ([10])

According to the legends of a thousand worlds only a few of which are still habitable, 
the W'rkncacnter are those things that live in chaos, creating it around them.  At 
the beginning of the universe, they were unmistakable in their entities, but as time 
has gone by, their existence has become difficult to detect among the chaotic elements 
of the universe, hidden in stars, trapped in storms, forever looking along the event 
horizons of black holes.  Setting one free in ordered space is difficult and insane.

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  • The name "W'rkncacnter" has been used as a pseudonym by the programmer and mapmaker Darren Watts.

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