Veni Vidi Cursavi

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Veni Vidi Cursavi
Scenario Marathon Rubicon
Level # 37
Author Chris Lund
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Chimera
Mission {{{mission}}}
Attributes Repair
Monsters Fighter
Previous Rozinante I
Next Honk If You're An Underpaid Cyborg

Veni Vidi Cursavi is the first level of Arrival, the only chapter of the Chimera Plank in Marathon Rubicon.



Durandal has teleported you to the shipwreck of the UESC Chimera for a repair mission and he doesn't exactly tell you why you're here. This level also somewhat introduces a new AI, a minor character, Haller. Most of this ship and the level are long hallways riddled with dozens of pfhor fighters. Durandal insists you don't fight them, and he's correct. This is one of the few levels in the game that have infinitely respawning enemies and it's wise you don't waste your ammo on them.


You can either complete this level the regular way, or the quick way. I recommend the quick way. Start by crawling through the rubble and make your way into the ship. No matter what way you enter the ship, the door with the repair chip is the one down the far left of the hallway. Grab it, go back into the hallway and through the door on the other far end. Maneuver yourself up the rubble and into the doorway on the right. A locker will already be opened for you and this is where you need to insert the chip. Head back out and take a left into the next doorway for the first terminal as well as a save terminal. Save if you must, but even on Total Carnage it's not necessary since the level depends on how quick you are to complete it. If you're fast enough, you wont have to worry about the enemies that are spawning outside.

Upon saving, or not, enter into the hallway adjacent of the door you just came in. Directly entering the hallway there is another door just in front of you which is a room with a health recharger, totally unnecessary. Keep walking until you reach another door on the left, head through, read the second terminal, and continue out the other door. Take an immediate right and go forward until you're able to take a left. Drop down into the hole and make your way through even more rubble again until a second drop. Before heading down too far, make sure you grab the pistol ammo before teleporting out.


  • Once you place the chip into the uplink slot, the door that was locked directly across the room where you obtained the chip will open up. In there you can find a secondary pistol lying on top of a counter for you to pick up.



You begin outside a torn entrance into the Chimera.
You begin outside a torn entrance into the Chimera.


Terminal 1 - 1st Message





Terminal 1 - 2nd Message




Terminal 2





  • The level name in Latin means "I came, I saw, I ran constantly about", a play on Julius Ceaser's famous quote "I came, I saw, I conquered", which is the exact opposite of what you're doing in this level.
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