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🔫 Crosstrooper's favorite weapon is the Assault Rifle.
TC Crosstrooper completed Marathon SE on Total Carnage.
TC Crosstrooper completed Marathon 2 SE on Total Carnage.
N Crosstrooper completed Marathon ∞ on Normal.
7 Crazy computers? Perfectly normal!

2012 and past

Marathon has been a large part of my life. It all started when I was about three years old. My mom needed someone to do the firing while she focused on the moving. I somehow was the obvious choice for this role. It wasn't long before I learned to only do the moving while someone else did the firing, and then do the whole process on my own. There was a minor disadvantage to playing Marathon (and also Doom) at such a young age: nightmares. This resulted in these games being deleted.

I don't remember everything. I at some point started playing Marathon again (still at a pretty young age). I was only able to play Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity as demos. The original Marathon (only on my dad's laptop) was the only one that was the full version. Then, one Christmas, my dad got the whole trilogy and Forge and Anvil (I'm pretty sure the trilogy was free at this point since he downloaded it). I was finally able to dive into the full versions of the game that I had liked from such a young age. Of course, I didn't understand Infinity at all and didn't read any of the terminals, using my same method that I had used for quite a while: kill everything in sight, explore the whole map, and check the terminals until one of them takes me to the next level.

Forge, it's where my mapping started. It took a while to figure out what "Shapes" were, since it was required to run Forge (it was in the folder of the game!! Dur!!). Even once I figured it out, I somehow broke my version of Forge. No matter how big I made a polygon, I was crammed into this small area. Although I did get mapping with a new copy on my dad's laptop, it was years before Dave demo would ever be created, and for it to work.

For some reason, I thought the community was dead. I had pretty much played through everything on the archives, and nothing new was ever being uploaded. I thought that I was the only person still playing Marathon. It didn't help the matter when no one appeared in the network games. It wasn't until I made a certain post on the Story Page Forum that I found out that the community was as dead as I had thought. Somewhere around that time period I got Aleph One on a Windows computer and was playing online games with other people, which was a lot of fun. I even got an old Mac OS version of Aleph One with the help of some other people from the Story Page Forum. I don't remember a whole lot of the dates or the order of what events happened. I'm sure there might be things I've left out.

I was 13 when I made Dave demo. I was pretty naive. It was my first work to ever make it online and it was the best thing that I had made at that point. A lot of other things happened around here too. TBCROnline. Meeting irons and becoming his enemy. Burning out from two projects. The loss of my laptop and an entire project with it. Yeah...

I think that's pretty much it. That should have brought you up to speed with today. I still haven't done a successful scenario. Pretty sure the CLIQUE hates me. I'm hoping the thing I'm getting to work on will work out, and that I will complete it. Who knows. A lot has happened. :)


2013 and Forward

I gotta do something before I can put something down!

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