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 I am one of the admins here on Traxus. Jot a note on my talk page if you need me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. For new user accounts, please contact me on the Pfhorums.
UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override) Respond to ChristTrekker
🔫 ChristTrekker's favorite weapon is the shotgun.
👾 ChristTrekker's favorite opponent is the juggernaut.
MD ChristTrekker completed Marathon on Major Damage.
ChristTrekker completed Marathon 2.
MD ChristTrekker completed Marathon ∞ on Major Damage.

I began playing Marathon when the first game was just a demo. My fondest memory of that time was discovering the secret area of Mars Needs Women and getting the SPNKR to blow away my roommate. When the Trilogy pack came out, I scooped it up. I am not a "serious" gamer, so when my free time diminished after college, it took me several years to finish playing through Infinity. Then I discovered total conversions online. With Aleph One, I should have enough gaming material to last me into the 2020s.


I've started work on a typeface inspired by Modula Tall, which I'm calling Marapfhont. It is licensed under the OFL. It has Latin, Hebrew, and upper Greek characters, and a decent number of symbols. Version 0.15 is in the works (January 2014) and will contain dingbats for the looker, wasp, security officer, BoB, hulk, f'lickta, compiler, fighter, juggernaut, hunter, and a few object sprites, as well as various symbols. Here's what it has so far (you'll need to install it to see them): ☠               🌠 🏃 🐛 🐝 👮 👹 👺 👻 👾 💂 💻 💾 🔫 🚯 🚶 🚷.

Originally I'd had no intent to make a Bank Gothic clone, but seeing as how a commercial version was being distributed with ℵ₁‎ to make the UI look decent, I felt compelled to create something with a free license to use in its place. Seeing as Bank Gothic is widely used in comparison to Modula Tall, I didn't think a Marathon-esque name was fitting. Mine is called Squarish Sans CT—a simple name for a simplistic clone. It is also OFL.

I've also started making a proportionally-spaced Courier derivative I call Messenger, but it's a good deal more complex as it is much less geometric. (In other words, don't hold your breath.) It may be good for creating "pseudo-terminal" text that is easier to read, and a lot cheaper than Hellschreiber Serif.

Just for giggles I created a Latin display font based on S'pht glyphs: Looks Like S'pht. The number of special symbols is more limited: 👻. If you are looking for the dingbat fonts based on S'pht/Pfhor writing, they are archived on MBO.

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