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About Me

My name is Ben Urban, and I (used to) run the #alephone IRC channel.

#alephone Status

I have just started a new full-time job, and I can only be active in the channel for a few hours in the evenings, and a few minutes in the morning (generally around 8:00-10:00 PM and 6:45-6:50 AM). This obviously makes it difficult to run an IRC channel, so I'm considering stepping down as primary channel contact. It will definitely not happen before Friday, March 14, though. I am considering who might replace me.

I will post updates in here regularly until the issue is resolved.

It would appear that I have been demoted without discussion. It looks like Wrkncacnter is the new primary channel contact.


I tend to have a rotating list of games that I am hooked on at any one time. My current addiction is The Battle for Wesnoth. Beware: It is very addictive!

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