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Vitality: / /
Primary weapon:Assault Rifle
Secondary weapon:Grenade

Troopers are the Pfhor's tactical offense fighters. A trooper is a Pfhor in heavy upper body armor and little to no lower body armor. They are vacuum enabled by means of a full size, semi transparent helmet. The trooper carries an assault rifle which is capable of being employed under vacuum conditions and fires rounds rather rapidly, as well as grenades at longer distances. Troopers are relatively common, and are generally used for land assault missions and for boarding ships, or anything where a versatile fighting unit is needed.



Troopers wear different colors of armor to denote abilities and/or rank:

Minor trooper

Green armor denotes the lowest rung of Pfhor troopers: the minor troopers. Minor troopers, though packing the same weaponry as their major kin, are easy to kill by the time you encounter them in any of the Marathon games.

Major trooper

Purple armor is worn by the major trooper, whom can take about twice as much damage as the minor trooper. When the game's difficulty level is set to "Total Carnage", no minor troopers ever appear. Instead, you will see only major troopers.

Elite trooper

Dark gray armor is worn only by Elite soldiers, such as members of Admiral Tfear's personal guard who make their only appearance on the level You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time! and the Vidmaster Challenge levels. They can survive numerous direct hits from rockets before dying.

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