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Engine: Marathon 1
Levels: 26 campaign, 1 secret, 1 placeholder
A1-compatible? Trojan M2 port
Developer: HAS
Initial Release: June 1997
Latest Release: Unknown, v unknown
Status: Complete
What's New:


Instructions for running Trojan on modern systems

Trojan was converted from Marathon to Marathon Durandal for Windows 95 for ease of use to Windows gamers, and there remains a download for the installer on Orbitalarm, however, running the game requires the original M2.exe released on the CDROM. To obtain it, one must download the .iso for Marathon 2 for Windows 95, which is available here. Then, the .iso must be mounted in a program such as Daemon Tools Lite. Install the game as required. then, duplicate the m2.exe, and put it in the folder where Trojan will install, and rename it Trojan.exe. Download Trojan for M2. put the installer in the the same folder as Trojan.exe install Trojan. Play.

Aleph One and Trojan

It has been proven that Trojan will run in Aleph One once one has installed the game and copied the essential Data Files, however, there are a few glitches: 1.The graphics will be broken in a sense, certain things will not appear or will appear as other objects. 2.It was said that the sounds were broken, however it has not been verified.

It is possible that all of these may be corrected, however, the current state of the project prohibits it from being ported fully to Aleph One, but recently, a resurgence of interest in Trojan has occurred, and the creators may be persuaded to allow this.

See also

  • Trojan: Legacy, an attempted sequel to Trojan which was only released in demo form.

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