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The trih xeem, or "early nova" [1] (also spelled tri xeem), is a weapon that can be used to force stars into early nova. [2] The trih xeem is critical to the plots of both Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity. The largest threat caused by the trih xeem is not the destruction of Lh'owon's sun or the surrounding system, but the release of the W'rkncacnter.




Marathon 2

A terminal on All Roads Lead To Sol... reveals that the Pfhor have the trih xeem and that Lh'owon is being evacuated.

Marathon 2's final screen mentions Lh'owon's destruction and states that Robert Blake and Durandal both escaped. Robert Blake and his men were the only humans who survived the Tau Ceti colony.

Marathon Infinity

There are many references to the trih xeem within Marathon Infinity. Due to the nature of Marathon Infinity's plot, they are sorted by the chapter/level on which they occurred.

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The Manual

Marathon Infinity's manual shows text from a transmission sent by Admiral Tfear to the Pfhor High Command. The transmission describes Tfear's use of the trih xeem on Lh'owon's sun in order to trap Durandal and destroy the "threat of Tau Ceti."

Unfortunately for Tfear and his Pfhor, only half of the sun went nova. Readings taken of the second half appeared to show something impossible. Tfear noted that "it was as if the universe had forgotten its own rules."

This second half is assumed to be the W'rkncacnter, released from the prison Yrro had placed them in.

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Ne Cede Malis

On the terminals for Ne Cede Malis, Durandal makes a reference to a weapon that the Pfhor used:

This is a quote from a terminal ([3])

Things have gone terribly awry. Until now, I thought myself immortal, but now I know that is not true. There are things that can destroy me with the ease that I slaughtered the Pfhor naval garrison and the Western Arm of their Battle Group Seven. But in their final gasp they used a weapon that I thought they had retired, even Tycho tried to keep them from using it.

He continues by mentioning the release of a "new chaos." The weapon mentioned is the trih xeem and the chaos is the W'rkncacnter.

Confound Delivery

Tycho reveals that his ship wields the trih xeem (although it is spelled tri xeem):

This is a quote from a terminal ([4])

My ship carries the tri xeem--the early nova device. One way or another, it ends here.

Aie Mak Sicur

This is a quote from a terminal ([5])

The trih xeem broke against my dying vessel and smashed a fine patina across the mystery shields of this station. My crew battled the aliens during the blast, and thesilence which came after was sullen and deafening--the pure silence of victory.

The above is attributed to Admiral Tfear.


The term trih xeem does not appear on any of the terminals in this chapter.


The trih xeem is mentioned on two levels of this chapter.

You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time!

Trih xeem is mentioned twice in the same paragraph after noting the return of the S'pht'Kr. The Pfhor will apparently need to use the weapon or loose the battle.

This is a quote from a terminal ([6])

The S'pht'Kr will arrive momentarily, with all of their vengeance, and the Pfhor will soon be pressed to use the trih xeem. S'bhuth knows only legends about the W'rkncacnter, imprisoned in Lh'owon's sun. If the Pfhor are allowed to use the trih xeem, the W'rkncacnter will escape from its gravity prison.

Later on the same level, it is told that Admiral Tfear has activated the trih xeem:

This is a quote from a terminal ([7])

The Pfhor fleet is in disarray, and Tfear has deployed the trih xeem, moving his flagship to board the Yrro station. You've got to help the S'pht'kr activate their ancient weapon, before the Pfhor use their early nova and unleash the W'rkncacnter on us all.

Aye Mak Sicur

The player-character is given instructions to prevent the W'rkncacnter from escaping by wrapping the nova in a containment field. The trih xeem is activated and the mysterious Jjarro station is brought online to hold the W'rkncacnter at bay.

This is a quote from a terminal ([8])

The trih xeem plummets(yawning) towards the sun's core(heart), and the firey prison of the W'rcacnter(doubt) where
overthought unravel

This is a quote from a terminal ([9])

The jjarro station is online, and we're wrapping the nova in its containment fields. The creature, or creatures S'bhuth fears are either dormant or a myth--we've seen nothing to account for his terror.

The Nakh

In a terminal on All Roads Lead To Sol..., Durandal emphasizes the power of the trih xeem by noting that every single Nakh is dead and their stars have vanished into dust and gas. [10]

The Drinniol rebellion

Marathon Infinity's manual briefly mentions that the Drinniol rebellion was ended by using the trih xeem. [11]


Durandal credits the Jjaro with the creation of the trih xeem and provides a translation of "early nova." [12]

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