Things may happen I

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Things may happen I
Scenario Marathon Rubicon
Level # 43
Author Chris Lund
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Mission {{{mission}}}
Attributes Vacuum
Monsters Dreams
Previous I'd Rather Be A Lutefisk
Next We Dream You

Things may happen I is the sixth level of Arrival, the only chapter of the Chimera Plank in Marathon Rubicon.



You're suddenly transported to what seems to be the middle of deep space, but is actually a dream state. The "dreams" floating around represent your multiple states and the mutliple timelines, which is why You, the player, are currently transitioning through a new timeline via the vortex. To support this, the Things may happen stages act as your transition to the dream levels, hence why "We Dream You" follows up right after.


Look around until you see two floating orbs, also known as "Dreams" and walk into the vortex to complete the level. This is a vacuum level so do not take to long or else you'll lose a bit of oxygen.


There are no secrets on this level.


There are no terminals on this level.


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