The Black Series

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The Black Series

Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 15
Developer: Eric Hill
Initial Release:
Latest Release:
What's New: T

Who am I?

How did I get here?

Your memory has been wiped and you have to put the pieces back together. You must travel across the galaxy to find clues about your past. There are many unknown planets to explore, worlds to conquer. You will battle many new and deadly enemies, and try to discover why your memory was lost.

You are not alone, and you are smart and skillful as only a seasoned Marine can be. You will receive help from some old friends and make new ones. Your destiny is in your own hands, you have the chance to decide your own fate. If you choose wrong you will have the power to transport to a different future.

Discover a new enemy that has the power to take over the galaxy. You will have to be devious and unrelenting to defeat this entity and ultimately bring peace to your comrades. Are you the chosen one? Go find out.


  1. Killing under the crescent moon
  2. Area 89
  3. Serial Thriller
  4. Ship
  5. Devilish Penetration
  6. Bishop Station
  7. Voodoocream
  8. Pain Deluxe Just Phor You
  9. Plasma Burn 2
  10. Voodoocream 2
  11. I Prefer Self Defense
  12. Plasma Burn
  14. one against many
  15. Worm Food?

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