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This template attempts to recreate a terminal in a scalable way, as a replacement for {{terminal segment}} and others. Much of the formatting is in Mediawiki:common.css.

Compare with {{quote terminal}}, which is quite different.


This template is meant to be scalable, but Mediawiki has limitations that only allow image scaling by pixel value.

(If we could use em units, I'd give this advice: Count how many characters wide it is, and apply a 0.719 (determined empirically) correction factor. Terminals are 64 (or 90) characters wide, so images that take up the left half are 32 × 0.719 = 23em. The Marathon logo in Leela/Durandal splash screens is 11 × 0.719 = 7.9em.)

In the meantime, we recommend that you put your image in a container block of the appropriate width. This will make the text fit properly, and should Mediawiki ever add the capability, it will be easy to fix the image sizes later.


  • from Use specific values leela, durandal, tycho, thoth, blake, marathon, or bungie. This will help style colors automatically. Add m1 if it's a Marathon 1 terminal (e.g. "leela m1"), as there are subtle differences.
  • tl Top left text.
  • tr Top right text.
  • body Main content of the terminal. For image-beside-text layouts you'll probably need to use HTML tables (not wiki markup).
  • bl Bottom left text.
  • br Bottom right text.
  • splash The name of the image, if this is a splash screen.


You can copy and paste the following blank to get started.

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