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Vitality: / /
Primary weapon:None, kamikaze

Simulacrums are machines created by the Pfhor, designed to assimilate themselves into the midst of other BoBs while carrying explosives in their bellies. Because they released all the Simulacrums onto the Marathon at the same time, they were all dressed in the same green airlock technician uniform. This made them easy to distinguish in-game; just kill all the green ones.

The Pfhor has a department set aside specifically and entirely for this purpose (implying that this is a standard technique to use in battle). The department's name is Phan Pfhar Sfaern-Wsawn Tshah, or Ministry for the Eradication Through Imitation of Hostile Species Unsuitable for Enslavement. The Pfhor used seventeen different body frames and sixty-one facial models for the machines, resulting in over a thousand unique forms.

From a distance, or even clothed, the models held up fairly well. Blake's men got a couple survivors to examine, and they discovered some flaws in the Pfhor design. His report includes "sub-standard oral bone nubs", "non-terran internal organs & duct work", "binary podal digits sans chitinous cover", "Pfhor optical protector orbs", "hyper-explosive cybernetic implant", and "external genitalia not present".

It's important to note that the Pfhor have three main tactics in employing the Simulacrums. First, they insert them into BoB society such that the player-character happens upon a room full of humans who may or may not be hostile, causing confusion. Second, they teleport them into the middle of a battle involving BoBs, causing the Marine to know that he's supposed to be shooting someone, but he's never sure who. Lastly, the Pfhor teleport them into battles without BoBs simply as walking mines; sometimes they are more damaging than Hunters or Enforcers could ever manage.

Finally, Simulacrums are easy to distinguish from normal humans in the game in a very important and prominent way: their sound. Simulacrums are not equipped with a human brain; they are given substandard equipment that only mimics normal speech. What they say, then, is different from what normal humans say in game. "Don't shoot!", "I'm out of ammo!", "Thank God it's you!", and the world-famous "Frog blast the vent core!" are all immediately distinguishable from "Let's get 'em!", "Shouldn't we wait for backup?", and "Follow me!" in tone, color, and content.

There are only a couple of levels in which the Marine is charged with clearing the area of Simulacrums as a primary goal. These include God Will Sort the Dead... and Where the Twist Flops.

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