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WSTE-M Shotgun pickup
WSTE-M Shotgun pickup

The shotgun holds two shells which are fired simultaneously. Shotguns can be dual wielded similarly to pistols.

The shotgun was first introduced in Marathon 2: Durandal. They are reloaded with an unusual twirling motion, and Durandal comments on the reloading process being "too complex for your primitive brain to comprehend."

The shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. One shot at point-blank range is capable of killing most enemies.

It is first attainable on Waterloo Waterpark in a secret area, and there are two available on Waterloo in the Windows edition.

The technical name for the shotgun is the "WSTE-M5 Combat Shotgun".


Technical information

Damage statistics

  • The shotgun does 200 to 240 hit points' worth of Shotgun-type damage.


  • The shotgun takes 10 ticks, or 10/30 of a second, to ready.


  • The shotgun has a clip of 2 shotgun shells.
  • A maximum of 80 packs of shells can be carried, except on Total Carnage difficulty.

Rate of fire

  • The Shotgun's attack/reload takes 35 ticks, or 1 5/30 of a second, to completely finish.


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Fire the shotgun/s at an enemy at close range.

Non-combative uses

Shooting a shotgun at switches will trigger them; some switches require being shot to activate them. Shooting circuits will toggle or destroy them in the same way that attacking them with a fist, fusion overload shot or grenade will. In Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity all switches and circuits are able to be weapon triggered. This was intentional in order to provide players the ability to strictly comply with the Vidmaster's oath. There are some switches in Marathon that are inaccessible from the ground, requiring alternate means to trigger them.


The shotgun was a weapon originally planned for Marathon 1. The resource fork of the game made reference to an item named "PIRATED COPLAND BETA" and noted that it was a weapon which was removed in the latter phases of development. The Marathon Scrapbook has Jason Jones, who had written the note inside of the resource fork, saying this weapon was the shotgun later included in Marathon 2. There has been speculation about whether Durandal's claim to have a shotgun on Blaspheme Quarantine referring to the level that would have held the shotgun. [1]

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