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The S'pht'Kr are the fabled eleventh clan of the S'pht. They left Lh'owon long before the Pfhor came to enslave their brothers, and were therefore used as a weapon when Durandal returned to Lh'owon to repel the Pfhor assault on Earth.



The S'pht'Kr do not look much like their Pfhor-slaved cousins. They do not wear cloaks to conceal their body, however, it is not clear whether the S'pht cloaks are simply decoration or to signify slavery. S'pht'Kr exoskeletons are spiral-shaped, with one of the spiral "arms" being a plasma weapon. Like S'pht, there are many flavors of S'pht'Kr.


Minor S'pht'Kr don blue armor. They are the weakest of the ranks, but are still powerful and aggressive.


Major S'pht'Kr have red bodies and have more powerful plasma bolts. They can withstand more damage than the Minor type.

Shadowed (Cloaked)

Appearing only in Marathon Infinity, these are against the player.


  • When a S'pht'Kr is killed, it disappears like its enslaved relatives, but also bursts into an orb of flame. However, this "flame" does not damage the player.
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