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Robert Blake was a mechanical engineer while on Tau Ceti and became the leader of a human resistance group against the Pfhor and is one of the few survivors of Tau Ceti.

Blake's first contact with the player-character is on This Side Toward Enemy[citation needed] where he claims Durandal left him instructions to reactivate Thoth.[1] Blake and the other survivors did were not particularly fond of Durandal[2] and, after Thoth's reactivation and Durandal's reappearance, Blake and a group of his men escaped from Lh'owon in a captured Pfhor refueling ship named Hfarl. They left the player-character a message before leaving: "The dead walk again; we cannot wait. -Blake." This was more than likely referring to Durandal.[3]

Incoming message from Thoth...
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