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Rise Robot Rise
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 2
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Chris Giesel
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Pfhor
Mission Exploration
Attributes Rebellion
Monsters Fighter
Previous Ne Cede Malis
Next Poor Yorick
Robot World Arena Secret

Rise Robot Rise is the first level of Despair, the first chapter of Marathon Infinity.



As you leave the failed universe of Ne Cede Malis, you arrive in Tycho's clutches, on board a ship with a heavy aura of mutiny. Even though your instincts may have said otherwise, the fighters and hunters are on your side, and your mission is to exterminate all of the loyal willful ranks- the enforcers. Then, you are to supervise the killing of the captain, but the preservation of his precious command fluids to Tycho.


After killing all the enforcers in the first room, charge up and read the terminal, save if need be. The switch at the opposite end will be active; press it, and the room will be exposed. The mission objective, in the level, is to make it to the final room, which is got to by turning left from the genesis, carrying straight on to the large corridor, where more enforcers fight for their lives. Turn left, open the elevator shaft and ride it down to the basement. Kill the enforcers down there, and make your way to the other lift. Kill the enforcers in the room atop, and read the terminal to leave.


  • At some stage, you will find yourself in a room similar to that seen at the other end of the corridor, with two locked doors. Run around a bit, and both will open. One will reveal an enforcer and a pattern buffer, the other will reveal a hunter, and a long corridor with a dip, leading to a frivolous battle at the opposite end. Run in, up to the closing door, and plasma will rise. Climb out, up onto the platform with the 1x charger, and run down the hallway opposite. Wait for the remaining enforcers to come to you, and kill them. Turn left, and you will come across a room, with a terminal and a Napalm Unit.
  • In the first elevator, when activated, pillars seem to rise when the elevator is activated downward. The next time, hop on to the north pillar, and jump off into the corridor. You will find an AR and ammunition.
  • Though available in solo gameplay, it is recommended that this secret is regarded in co-op gameplay. One player hits the switch that seems to do nothing at the north end of the elevator room, while one other executes method. A terminal is revealed above, and when read, will send the two to a Co-op Carnage Break Level, Robot World Arena. As it takes two to leave that level, as said, one recommends that co-op players only, take advantage of this secret.


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