Return to Marathon

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Return to Marathon
somewhere in the heavens...they are still waiting
Engine: Marathon Infinity
Initial Release:
Latest Release:
What's New: MW

Storyline and Overview

The storyline of Return to Marathon begins in the stasis chamber of a small UESC vessel, the Kubrick. You wake up in orbit around the derelict UESC Marathon, and find that it has been many centuries since you were last conscious. You are on your way to Earth, but when strange things seem to be unfurling on board the Marathon, the ship's AI, Egon, sends you to investigate... Thus you find a series of grotesque Pfhor experimental abominations, and are ordered to free the relic from the Pfhor's evil clutches once again.


The monsters seen in Return to Marathon are largely the same, but there are a number of subtle differences and entirely new additions. For example, the color tables of the trooper have been changed to green-red, and the color tables of the enforcer have also been changed. These are the new enemies:

Pfhor-VacBob Hybrid 
Found floating slowly in the vacuum around the Marathon, the hybrids are grotesque genetic amalgams of the conventional VacBob and a Pfhor. They are still armed with the fusion pistol, as only the head has been noticeably changed to Pfhor. They are green-blooded, and are well armored. They usually appear in groups and in tactical areas around the Marathon.
Radioactive Drinniol 
Heavily radioactive and bio-luminescent, the Hulk is stronger and is able to throw energy bolts at the player. It is found around Pfhor labs.
Basically the same as in the original, the Wasp is able to fire streams of damaging mucus at the player, but is not particularly strong. It is usually found in large groups, near plague cocoons. The color tables have been changed, and the Wasp's blood is definitely a different color.
Cyborg War Machine 
Controlled by the Cyborg of old, the large killing machine operates by firing rockets at the player. It is well armored, and has a large blast radius on death.
Lab Experiments and Plague Cocoons Around the Pfhor Labs, there seems to be a number of appalling God-playing experiments on various creatures, including humans. Some are hostile, but most are harmless. The Plague Cocoons are found scattered in and around the Marathon; they burst when disturbed; they are harmless. It is witnessed that they are oddly impervious to vacuum.


The weapons seen in Return to Marathon are largely hybrids and clever modifications and compromises, mostly built or attained by Egon, the AI of the Kubrick. The pistol is left unchanged, but the fusion pistol is left with a weaker charge ability, firing weaker bolts. The new weapons are as follows:

Assault Rifle Hybrid 
Built from the original MA-75B and the MA-90E AR from the Evil excursions, the Hybrid Assault Rifle is capable of producing largely damaging bullets and grenades, but is not capable of the original firing speeds, as the firing mechanism is not repaired properly, and there is no replacement.
Sniper Rifle 
Although the name may suggest it, the weapon is definitely not a Sniper Rifle. It fires quickly and inaccurately, and one can carry eight clips for it. It comes with a laser sight, though this will be of little use.
SPNKR -Modification- 
Although the weapon itself is the same, the projectile is wholly different: nuclear missiles. The explosion is huge and awesomely effective, so use sparingly.
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