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Post Naval Trauma
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 8
Author Chris Geisel
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Pfhor
Mission Repair
Attributes Vacuum
Monsters Fighter
Previous Acme Station
Next Where Some Rarely Go
Acme Station

Post Naval Trauma is the second level of Rage, the second chapter of Marathon Infinity.



This level continues your exploits with Durandal at the Pfhor navy above Lh'owon; this time you are boarding the Battle Group's Armor Platform, entered through a rupture site in the hull, made by the very subtle forward batteries of the Boomer. Your aim is to destroy all the idling Juggernauts; you do so by firing one solitary fusion bolt at each. Try not to be too close, as the blast will hurt you too at close proximity. Beware of active Juggernauts. Once they are all destroyed, your second objective is to shut down the cooling systems of the Platform's engines.


First, the 1x recharger: get to the room that has the juggernaut sitting in a deep trench, with two terminals in the room. Exit via the opening adjoining this pit, and continue through the first set of doors, to the end of this hall. Open up this set of doors, and if you move out and a bit to your left, you'll find a save terminal. Use this. To the right from where you walked in on, you'll find a brown hallway. Follow this this to the end, then take a similar hallway that lies to the left of the end of this one. Open the door, fall down the shaft, kill the Pfhor that lie in wait, and fuel yourself back up with the recharger nearby.

The oxygen generator is a lot longer route, but it begins from where this 1x recharger is located. Use the button to go back up the shaft, follow the hallway out again, but instead of using the first brown hallway, follow the corridor around to the left, and use the first door you find on the right. Just inside is a wall holding two switches on either side of it. Hit both switches, then retrace your steps all the way back to the room with the pit. Use the thrid opening that you haven't used yet, passing through the now-open set of doors, to the end of the hall. Open this set of doors, turn left, and follow the hall to the elevator. Activate this, and with guns ablazing, kill off the enforces as you pass through the doors located at the top of the elevator. You'll get to a small diamond shaped room: take the door to your right, and after a left turn, you'll see the much needed oxygen recharger at the end of this hall. Be warned: there are hunters lying in wait in the nooks at the end of this hall.

Note that there are two oxygen canisters you can get early in the level. The first appears where you start, near the save term. The second is in the room with the second save term. If you proceed forward and over the ledge, a canister will teleport in, as well as some ammo.

Once you have located these two goals, the rest of the level is a cinch: one shot from your fusion pistol will remove the pesky Juggernauts, and will help clear out the hunters quickly.

Near the end of the level, you'll come across a room that has several enemies pouncing on you, but you'll notice a wall rising between one enforcer and yourself (this is on the eastern side of the map). There is nothing behind that wall to worry yourself about: in fact, there is no way to lower the wall once you get on the other side of it, so it is better just to let the wall go.


  • In the corridor by the first oxygen recharger, face the oxygen recharger, and in the alcove on the left, you'll find several secret doors, leading to a few enforcers, a save terminal, and some alien weapons.
  • As you run up the stairway towards the switch that reveals two more star-shaped switches, the wall facing the stairs has a secret door that hides a 2x recharger.
  • After you have hit both star switches, run through the corridor to your right (as you face the switches), through a zig-zag corridor, to an overlooking spot of a room below. However, this overlook is a teleporter to a 3x recharger, a large ammo stash, and a few aliens to get rid of.
  • There is a secret door and term that leads back to Acme Station, but I don't know how to activate it.


To be Added


To be Added

Controversy - Acme Station and Post Naval Trauma

All Maintenance Units required to vacuum enable

remote interrupt

Terminal 3, Second Message.

One sharp-eyed Marathoner may have noticed that on both the levels Acme Station and Post Naval Trauma there are violations of the vacuum-enabled units rule. On Acme Station, we see Fighters, who were previously documented as not vacuum-capable. On Post Naval Trauma, we see Fighters and Enforcers, both of which are documented as not vacuum-capable. Though one may suggest that it may just have been a different atmosphere on Acme Station, which would explain the dripping water sound, but one may digress, and shoot through the rectangular windows on the floor- open to space. Then one may say that the ship has an atmospheric shield, Star Trek-esque, if you will. Then one may continue, and say that the Pfhor never needed a different atmosphere, as on Lh'owon, which has documented a similar atmosphere to Earth (only 10% less oxygen), we commonly find Fighters in the garrisons. However, one may digress and point out the respiratory assistance on the Fighter. Although Fighters have always been seen with these, even on Pfhor Prime in Rubicon, we must turn our attention to Post Naval Trauma- there is an air terminal, so which Pfhor would need to recharge on air if they do not need it to respire? One may point out the open windows to space, but then again the atmospheric shield. Furthermore, this other atmosphere may still stand if one insists that the Pfhor need air for their experiments, and the message aforementioned insists that vacuum is about to happen, not is happening. The controversy thickens.

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