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Portal of Sigma
Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 11 Solo
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Simon Dupuis
Initial Release:
Latest Release: March 2, 2006V 1.1
Status: Incomplete
What's New: TW

Portal of Sigma is a scenario for Marathon Infinity. The game is incomplete, with only the first of three chapters having been released.



To be Added


To be Added


Only the first of three chapters has been released.

Chapter I

1 - Prologue

2 - Ghar'hima ship

3 - Under attack...

4 - Destination H.E.L.L.

5 - In the red...

6 - Todo lo que queda

7 - All Good People are Asleep and Dreaming...

8 - One mint julip

9 - All those spooky night make me insane...

10 - Suenagaku

11 - Dream a prophecy, live a legend


To be Added

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