Poor Yorick

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Poor Yorick
Scenario Marathon Infinity
Level # 3
Author Greg Kirkpatrick
Randy Reddig
Chris Geisel
Level Stats
Gametype Solo
Environment Water
Mission Repair
Monsters Trooper
Previous Rise Robot Rise
Robot World Arena Secret
Next Confound Delivery
Two for the Price of One Secret

Poor Yorick is the second level of Despair, the first chapter of Marathon Infinity.



This level continues with the quest to inevitably destroy the captain's power, and to transfer it to Tycho. Your primary mission objective is to find his transmitter, and to disable it. The enemies on this level are troopers and the impetuous F'lickta; one is assisted by the hunters.


The level revolves around disabling locks on security doors. Explore the level- one switch is found in a bunker with a terminal and pattern buffer, where an extra pistol and shotgun ammunition can also be found; the second is found in a large, open room guarded by troopers that also has a pattern buffer. Once these switches are activated, the entire level is presented. The mission objective is behind a door in the courtyard after the F'lickta chasm; you will find it as a large panel of wires. Destroy it, and make your way through the F'lickta hive to a terminal overlooking another battle between hunters and ambient life. Read the terminal to leave.


  • When the large, main valley first turns south from the west, two secret doors can be found on the northern side that lead to the same room. This room has an SMG behind a door, more troopers, and some miscellaneous ammunition.
  • Swim up to the waterfall where the drones appear, and collect the ammunition and air canister.
  • With the two chips from Robot World Arena (only available in co-op gameplay; see Rise Robot Rise), they can be installed in the two chip sockets. A door in the large pool near where the shotgun is found will open up a water filled room, where a terminal leads to the second and last co-op carnage break level, Two For the Price of One, a copy of Duality.


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