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Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 19 Solo
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Candace Sherriff
Initial Release: April 14, 2000
Latest Release: December 20, 2001
Status: Complete
What's New: OST

Pfh'Joueur is a total conversion scenario for Marathon Infinity, taking place 700 years after the events of Marathon 2: Durandal.



As the Trih Xeem exploded the Lh'owon sun, a force of light was released. A light greater than a thousand super novas. Swirling down, creating a hole of light. Perhaps it was the W'rkncacnter freed at last from their fiery prison on the Lh'owon sun. I do not know. Durandal may know. Or he may suspect. But he is not talking. He says he does not remember. He states that it is I, you, we who remember and have kept the logs. I think he is lying.


To be Added



1 - Seven Times Seven

Chapter I - Kartha

2 - Mera'tahara

3 - The Visitors

4 - Da'nara T'bat

Chapter II

5 - Area 37

6 - Science Fiction Village

7 - Nor'Haket

8 - Hum a Few Bars

9 - Du Phfarta Palace

10 - Beneath

11 - The Medium is the Music

12 - Phfaket'far

Chapter III

13 - See Yah Starside

Chapter IV - D'Hara

14 - Ce'phf'aldea

15 - In Deep Doo Doo

16 - The Temple of D'Hara Vir

17 - Dirty Little Secret

18 - Pfhar Phfoint Space Port

19 - You Can Never Have Too Many Grenades


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