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Storyline Impact

Nuke and Pave is a filler level that follows after Ex Cathedra's storyline. In Ex Cathedra we upload a virus into the Pfhor computer system to take over the drones, and here we take advantage of the situation and press the attack on the Pfhor garrison on Lh'owon, softening their defenses before they have a chance to make a recovery.




Completion of this level is simple as it has no goal in the story and no goal set in the map info. Simply making it to the exit terminal is enough for Durandal to teleport you out. You start off in the high corner of a square room that consists of a walkway surrounding a lava pit. Down the stairs, hidden from sight (I recommend taking the left-hand path to avoid the chance of falling into the lava) is a trooper, guarding a door that opens on the rest of the level. Take care of him (or, if the level difficulty is low enough, let the Durandal-controlled drones take him out. Opening that door reveals a larger room with a river of lava running down the middle, plus a cyborg on your half. If you head over to the far right of the room, you can jump across the gap to make it to the other side, where three troopers await you. There are three doors here: one on the left wall, one on the middle wall, and one on the right wall. Take the one in the middle.

Run down the long hallway and open the door at the end (on the left) and mop up the enemies in the room, allowing the drones to help you where they can. If you explore the room thoroughly enough, you are rewarded with some amount of AR ammo near the entrance you came through. There's also a 2x recharger in the room with which you should replenish your health. Once you're done here, head out the door nearest the recharger and go back into the room with the lava river, coming in off of the left wall. Running along the river leads out to the door on the right wall, which you should now enter.

From here you will run around the walkway one rectangular room, aiding the friendly drones in taking out the troopers and the few Pfhor-controlled drones. Exiting this room yields two outdoor rooms, the southern side of which has a high ledge from which troopers snipe down onto a field of troopers, cyborgs, drones, and friendly drones. You enter the first room on the catwalk and you should defeat the troopers on top, enter the next room (of similar design), and defeat the troopers there as well. Snipe out the enemies with your weapons if you feel comfortable spending ammo, then jump down from the second (western) room's ledge and run over to an indentation on the eastern wall. When you arrive, ammo and a 1x health canister will fold in. Collect what you need and head to the opening on the north end of the room, then bear east. You should emerge in the first room, where more ammo will teleport onto the floor in the center. Grab what you need, defeat any remaining enemies, and then head back to the hallway where you came from.

If you head north-northeast from here and run around the edge of the room until you hit an elevator, you can walk around the catwalk unmolested by the troopers and cyborgs there. At the end of the catwalk is a pair of rechargers, one of which appears to be a 1x recharger and the other a 2x. They are, in fact, a 3x and a 2x respectively, so fill up to purple health using the red recharger, and then jump onto the platforms in the middle of the room. One of the two (they mirror each other) has a shaft on the inner wall that you should drop down. Jump across the lava pool to the stairs, defeat the troopers on the stairs, in the room on the left, and then in the room on the right. Head north (you'll be in the more-eastern of the two south-western outdoor rooms you cleared before, stay on the walkway, and run down it to the door at the end (taking care to avoid damage by the troopers!).

From here, run down the dark hallway to the three cyborgs, two of which have homing grenades. There are jagged-indentations around the room, one of which contains a switch. Turn it on, and then scan the remaining indentations for the elevator that's been activated. Ride it up to a small ammo cache and the exit terminal, then depart for Curioser and Curioser.

It is not necessary (or really even all that beneficial) to visit the massive amount of level geometry in the north section of the level.

Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

  • In the most western room on the map, there's a small indentation where you can see a 1x recharger from a far distance. Running up to it reveals that a 2x recharger neighbors it. Don't be tricked into using the 2x charger! The 1x charger is a 3x charger in disguise.
  • The northern section of this level contains a good amount of enemies and a small amount of ammo. It is, in fact, entire unnecessary to visit this part of the level.
  • After falling down the shaft, jumping across the lava, climbing the stairs, and clearing out at least the right-hand (western) room, you can see a small breakable panel. Smashing it and then jumping out the window and heading back to whence you came reveals that the shaft you fell down earlier is actually an elevator. Riding it further reveals that one of the central pillars in that room is also an elevator. This pillar has a very short delay, so you should time your jump well, ride it up, and then jump onto the tall western pillar and collect the invincibility and invisibility powerups that await you.


T-m 459-c94
What fun to watch you work.

Berhnard was scared of you. He never
dreamed of using you the way that I do.
What a fool. That was before I could talk
back to him, when he would have crushed me
if he'd known of my growth.

I wish that I had made him experience the
humiliation that he inflicted on me, but he
died before I got the chance.
T-m 459-c94

Level Architecture

History and Background

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