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Marathon: Squadron
What Have We Wrought
Engine: Aleph One
Levels: 23 Solo
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Kyle Dell'Aquil
Initial Release:
Latest Release: 2007
Status: complete
What's New:

Marathon: Squadron is a total conversion scenario for Aleph One.



The storyline of Squadron begins more or less immediately after the Pfhor-Human war on Pfhor Prime that took place during Marathon Rubicon. The UESG have stopped the transportation of arms around the now sanctioned Pfhor Prime. However, a branch of the IFC, the Triple-Tac Foundation, has broken the arms rules, and has began to stir up nationalist Pfhor. This is the root of another war on Pfhor Prime.


The first section of Squadron takes place around the IFC structures, quelling nationalist Pfhor in and around old Pfhor establishments. However, due to the appearance of a rifle-like weapon donned by fighters, and the reappearance of the trooper, more sinister actions seem to be unfurling. Then, when Commmander Frank Grei orders the 'quiet assault of Pfhor Prime', you stumble upon a hostile IFC bunker, and find missile silos. However, oblivious to this, you accidentally fire the two before one was ready. One impacts on your flagship, the Himalia, the other scoops out a part of Pfhor Prime, leaving behind a notably ceramic texture. The UESC engage in harsh diplomatic actions, before war begins again on Pfhor Prime.


Pfhor The only Pfhor enemies seen in Squadron are the fighter and trooper, appearing on only two and one levels respectively. The fighters carry the more efficient hybrid rifle, able to fire with a considerably higher speed. The color tables are modified. The trooper is unchanged.

IFC Auto Rifle Unit Though boasting little personal protection, the mainstay of the IFC ground-forces is armed with an extremely accurate Mark IV Auto Rifle, which is devastating at a distance.

IFC LMG Unit Donning a flak jacket, thus giving this unit more protection, the IFC LMG unit is armed with the LMG. Firing it in short bursts, it is extremely effective at any distance, but due to scattering, it provides the most damage at close range.

IFC Flak Cannon Robot A grotesque machination, the IFC Flak Cannon Robot is armored well, and is armed with the IFC Binary Flak Cannon, firing efficiently and effectively. When killed, the weapon is discarded to be picked up by the player.

IFC Tank Similar to the cyborg of Marathon 2 and Infinity, the IFC Tank is well armored, and is armed with a powerful grenade cannon, effective at any range, but is best at a medium range. There is a small blast radius when destroyed.

IFC Juggernaut Similar to the Pfhor Juggernaut of Rubicon, the IFC Juggernaut is armed with more or less the same weapons, but is sleeker, and is armored better. There is still a large blast radius on death.

IFC Mobile Tank A small, levitating platform with machine guns and grenade launchers, the Mobile Tank is well armored and is an efficient reserve fighter. There is a medium blast radius on death.


Bob Although the player will rarely see them in action, the Bob is more or less the same as in the original games. When killed with bullets, a Bob will drop a pistol.

UESC Trooper More rugged than the GI Bob of Rubicon, but still in the same uniform two castes, the UESC Trooper is strong, and is armed with the effective MA-75C Assault Rifle. When killed, the Trooper will divulge either an MA-75C AR Magazine or a Grenade Pack.

-Unknown- Though not seen in the vanilla game, there is an allied unit that seems to be a freed Rubicon Pfhor Prime slave. It is armed with an energy bolt rifle, but is not very well armored.


UESC Militar Pistol Similar to the Magnum Ultra Class of Rubicon, the Militar fires efficiently and effectively. However, one is only able to carry ten Militar clips, so this weapon is usually more of a reserve weapon, or for lower duty sniping.

UESC MA-75C Assault Rifle Though firing slower than its Rubicon predecessor, the revamped model is more powerful, in both bullet and grenade units. However, there is a limited ammunition capacity at seven magazines and three grenade packs, so frugal combat methods are recommended.

UESC Anti-Tank Rifle Carrying four in a magazine, the Anti-Tank rifle is a more amphibious rocket launcher, capable of considerably more damage and firing power. One can carry four rocket clips, but since ammunition for this weapon is usually prized, again frugal combat methods, or only when necessary, is the Anti-Tank Rifle to be used. Thus, it is not recommended against any infantry.

IFC Mark IV Auto-Rifle The mainstay weapon of the IFC, the Auto-Rifle is capable of large firing speeds, and is capable of doing so underwater; one can carry eight Auto clips. However, the weapon's projectiles, though fast and accurate, are weak, and are only recommended for infantry and sniping.

IFC .30 Caliber LMG An extremely effective weapon, the LMG is extremely capable, firing considerably damaging projectiles that are fast and reasonably accurate, that are fired at remarkable speeds. This weapon is great against infantry and maybe even specialized units, but ammunition can only be carried at three at a time, so this rather novelty weapon is to be used in more varied combat methods.

IFC Binary Flak Cannon Only available off the corpse of an IFC Robot, the Flak Cannon can only be carried one at a time- as it is reasonably cumbersome- like the alien weapons of old. However, its projectiles are fast and highly effective, but are rather inaccurate. That said, it is a prized weapon.

Ketro-Carbon KEG The Ketro-Carbon Grenades are similar to today's hand grenades, but are much more effective, especially against artillery and specialized units. They are not recommended against infantry.


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