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Marathon: EVIL
Something wicked this way comes.
A plague is upon the worlds.
Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 17 Solo
22 Net
A1-compatible? Converted
Developer: Randall Shaw
Initial Release: May 5, 1997
Latest Release: 1997
Status: Complete
What's New: MPSTW

Marathon: EVIL was the very first total conversion scenario for Marathon Infinity, and is considered one of the scariest and best.



To be Added


To be Added



1 - Mangle him, really

Chapter I

2 - Ten Thousand Spoons


4 - All dressed up, and no place to go.

Chapter II - Ambush

5 - Hackers

6 - Mr Bill meets Gumby

Chapter III - Silence

7 - Cryo me to sleep

8 - Magrathea

9 - A million ways to spend your time

10 - We Be Ground Pounders

11 - For This I Went To College?

Chapter IV - Rancor

12 - Code 42

13 - Parathymeter

14 - Septic Exodus

15 - Shmackle

16 - Life's End

Secret Level

17 - View From The Edge

New Weapons

.38 Beretta Pistol
In all but name, is an exact facsimile of the .44 Magnum Mega Class, but using Frag ammunition.
Titan Class Fusion Pistol
Again, an exact facsimile of the original Zeus Class fusion pistol.
MA-90E Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher
Another exact facsimile of the original assault rifle, but boasts a different firing mechanism.
WSTE-M4 Combat Shotgun
Another exact remake of its predecessor.
TNT-3 Tactical Nuke Launcher
This remarkably strong weapon utilizes a round of six small nuclear bombs, each providing a huge blast radius.
SPNKR SSM Rocket Launcher
Similar to the original, but boasting a revamped ammunition type: the gold-tipped X-34 Rockets.
Pfhor Shock Staff
Replacing the original Alien Weapon, the Pfhor shock staff has infinite ammunition in both melee and ranged attack. The melee, like fists, is made more effective by a running start.


All Evil aliens are more or less the same to Infinity apart from a select few.

A replacement to the impetuous F'lickta, the Devlins are extremely agile and strong, boasting "six foot long" claws that can easily whittle down health. The main varieties are brown (minor) and black (major), though there are numerous others, such as a larger, more ferocious and strong Devlin; juvenile Devlins; and invisible defender Devlins.
Evil Drone
Though not quite strong, the Evil Drone utilizes a strong weapon, firing four large energy bolts at a time. Blue Drones are allied with the player; Red Drone are enemies with the player; Green Drones are kamikaze units. All Drones, on death, have a small blast radius.
Similar to the S'pht'Kr, the Mystic fires energy bolts like that of the Evil Drone, but in the major castes, these bolts are seeking. They have a small blast radius on death.
Though more or less the same, major castes of Cyborg appear with a bronze finish, and instead of a flamethrower, boast a machine gun.

However, there are numerous other editions to existing castes, such as exclusive newer types of Fighter and Enforcer (seen on Magrathea), Drones with blast radii, and autonomous turrets, varying in projectile and efficiency. On one secret level, View From the Edge, Bobs are witnessed as beserkers.

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