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Marathon: Atlantis
Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 6 solo, 4 network
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Atlantis Crew
Initial Release: September 17, 1997
Latest Release: June 10, 2004, v 3.0
Status: Complete
What's New: T

Marathon: Atlantis is a 1997 scenario map pack created by the Atlantis Crew for Bungie’s Marathon Infinity Macintosh computer game. It features a six level single-player campaign and four multiplayer deathmatch levels. Originally released for Marathon Infinity, it has since been updated for Aleph One as well as the Dusk texture and sprite package. The small group of creators responsible for Marathon: Atlantis took their namesake from this project and later became known as the Atlantis Crew.



Taking place in the future within the Marathon universe, the storyline concerns a successful UESC super-soldier marine being called upon to investigate the fate of the interstellar mining ship, Atlantis. The starship’s original destination is Resucamdiva: A barren planet sixty-seven light years from Earth which is discovered to be rich in a valuable substance called diithlaxium. Nearly upon arrival, the ship is attacked by S’pht and Pfhor forces. With profit and human lives hanging in the balance, the marine is dragged away from his vacation and sent to retrieve the Atlantis.

The game is played as the lone marine character, and the player has four goals over the course of the single-player campaign: Assess and repair Atlantis, rescue any survivors, retrieve as much diithlaxium as possible, and return with the ship to its home port of Mars. Along the way, the player interacts with human survivors and an artificial intelligence held captive aboard an alien vessel. After several ship-bound combat missions, a climactic and decisive battle erupts on the surface of Resucamdiva.


This is the complete listing of all ten levels available in Marathon: Atlantis.

Single-player solo campaign

  • I’m on Vacation created by Adam Rose
  • Still Shaking created by Adam Rose
  • Dog Water created by Shane M. and Brian Seay
  • Starship Water created by Shane M. and Brian Seay
  • Shadow on the Hill created by Adam Rose
  • Time Tricks created by Adam Rose

Multiplayer deathmatch levels


The main storyline was written by Adam Rose, Bryan Sauber, and Mark McKenzie. It was heavily influenced by the events of the original Marathon game and was produced over the course of six months.


In December of 1997, Marathon: Atlantis was included on the cover CD of issue #16 of MacAddict Magazine. A slightly-updated version was included on MacAddict’s cover CD in January of 1998 accompanying issue #17. Further updates followed throughout 1998. In 2004, a version of Atlantis was released that could be used with the Dusk texture and sprite package, which was also a creation of the Atlantis Crew.

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