Marathon: Pathways into Darkness

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Marathon: Pathways into Darkness
Engine: Aleph One
Levels: 25 (in version 0.5)
Developer: Nicholas Hoad
Initial Release: 2005 April 9 (demo)
Latest Release: 2007 August 12, v 0.5
Status: Incomplete
What's New: MPSTW

Marathon: Pathways into Darkness is an in-progress (as of 2009[1]) port of the previously Macintosh-only game Pathways Into Darkness to the Aleph One engine in order to make it available to players on other operating systems.


Windows compatibility

In order to run version 0.5 on Windows, the following steps are necessary after unzipping it:

  • Navigate to the folder __MACOSX\MPiD Version 0.5\MPiD Data.
  • Rename ._Map.sceA to Map.sceA.resources.
  • Move it to the folder MPiD Version 0.5\MPiD Data (the one not in __MACOSX).
  • Delete the rest of __MACOSX; it's not needed.
  • Replace MPiD Version 0.5\MPiD Data\Images.imgA with a valid "Images" file from another scenario, such as Marathon 2 or Marathon Infinity. (Ideally, it should be one that uses the standard Marathon 2 menu layout.)
  • Put a valid and recent Aleph One executable and Fonts file in the MPiD Version 0.5 folder.
  • Run the Aleph One executable.

Changes from the original

Since Aleph One is only designed to emulate Marathon's gameplay, it can't be used to recreate Pathways exactly. The overall goal of M:PiD is to recreate the game as closely as reasonably possible in spite of this.

Specific planned changes include:

  • As of 2005, levelling up isn't planned to be implemented.[2]
  • Gameplay will be faster than in Pathways. Hoad has explained that he considers the original's slowness to have been more of a frustration than anything.[3]

Similar projects

  • Pathways Redux is a short Pathways-inspired single-player scenario for the commercial game Doom 3.[4]
  • Pathways Into Darkness Remake is a project to remake Pathways in an original game engine.[5][6] As of 2008 the project is on hiatus, but the author still intends to return to it.[7]

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