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Marathon: Freedom
Engine: unknown
Levels: 6
A1-compatible? no
Developer: CubicCircle
Initial Release:
Latest Release:
What's New:

Made by the developer CubicCircle, Marathon: Freedom emulates the Marathon environment in a different engine. We see a near bird's eye view of the player and its immediate surroundings, giving us a different view than the original game. However, the main differences are that the individual level pieces are much more biologically flexible, allowing the player a variety of weapons and forms, and other biological attributions, one at a time. For example, if the player is killed as an Aggregate Unit donning Minor Trooper Armor and a Trooper Rifle Type One, he can again become this if the credits allow, or another, if the credits allow. There have been a number of different releases of Freedom, and is now up to mark 47. All the audio, visual and manual controls are manipulated from the application master screen, shown before the game begins. On the menu screen, there appears an extract from a terminal anywhere in the trilogy, and its address below. They appear when the game begins after the application master screen.


Points System

Each level has a distinct number of maximum credits to be used, and early on in the game, there are limits imposed on how many credits can be used in an individual game. By killing enemies and completing the level, extra points are made to fill a bar seen in the top right of the screen in gameplay. When it is filled, the player goes up a level, allowing one more credit to be used in the game. However, as levels escalate, points are harder to attain. One can reset the points on the Main Menu, if one does so wish.


Though one may term them as levels, the various environments available for Freedom are already presented and ready for the player to enter them. To enter a level, the player at first had to select one and click on the Start command button, but now the player drags a selector slider and then clicks on the Start command button. The following are the environments presented, each with their own attributions, monster retinues and history:

God of Dread

Set in the Marathon upon Pfhor invasion, the player is given a Male or Female Bob selection, including a huge Terran weapon variety, outfits, and other accessories and styles. The aim is reasonably complex; the player has first to kill two Drinniol and Fighter escort in the area immediately outside the bunker, as it were. Then, the player has to kill a platoon of Fighters in a courtyard, maybe a Wasp, and steps into the teleporter, to find oneself in a generator room. One flips the switch on the right, then the left. The player opens the door with the action key (q). The player then proceeds into the security booth; flips both switches. Then, the player moves towards the end teleporter, and flips the switch adjacent to the final door. The door is opened, and the player steps into the teleporter. Beware that on this level there is an infinite spawn of Wasps before the security switches are accessed.

Tears of K'lia

Set during the S'pht rebellion on Lh'owon, the player is able to assume the form of any of the four Fighter types, any of the four Trooper types (two of M1; two of M2/I) and interchangeably, the weapons from each, and the M1 willful Enforcer, with various weapons ranging from the Scattergun, the Napalm Cannon, and the Skeaarnen Rifle (different to that of Rubicon in projectile, producing a large plasmatic explosion rather than a teleporting visage) to the second type of Trooper Rifle, and three vision levels. The mission is to kill every hostile complier- enemy compilers assume a variety of different robe colors and accessories, and can be invisible. They also don either the standard or the seeking bolt. Beware that some compliers are amphibious and dive into the fray, others stay in wait for ambush, others stay behind recesses. When all compilers are neutralized, the level ends.

The Prodigal Sons

Set in the Jjaro station, the S'pht'Kr Defenders are ridding it of Pfhor. You can only be a Defender, but can choose from a variety of different speed levels, and a shield upgrade. The station follows an outer ring and an inner system of corridors and sewage pipes. The outer rooms should be the first cleared; take caution when entering a new room. Northwest from the starting point, there is a room containing the only shield recharger of the game; it is activated by the action key (q), but it can only fill up to halfway. Once the outer rooms are cleared of Fighters and Troopers, take potshots at the solitary Fighters in the maintenance corridors, then access the sewage tunnels, and dispatch the solitary drone. Be careful on the last room, as it contains a Trooper on a sniper ledge. Dispatch him with care, and the level will end.

Nightmare Descent

Set in the Pathways into Darkness Pyramid, you are a member of either the American or the German expedition, and can choose between three weapons and a variety of uniforms. This is the only level where you are solitary. The level involves scouring the maze of Headless Ones- kill them quickly to avoid their energy attacks. At each northern corner of the level, there is a chain- pull it with the action key (q). When each is pulled, the two final doors will open, revealing the objective- the yellow crystal. Walk over it to leave.

Hastings Sewageplant

Set in one of the many Pfhor garrisons on Lh'owon after the seasonal floods, the player can choose between the four Fighter and the four Trooper types. The objective is the reactive systems lost to the floodwaters- a medium present all over the level- notice the use of Rubicon toadstools in the sewage. The enemies are mainly ambient F'lickta; fast and strong, and should be dealt with from a vantage point or as quickly as possible. You are assisted by an infinite supply of teleporting drones, but the F'lickta are reinforced by an infinite supply of hostile Compliers. In order to reach at least one of the controls, the player has to balance along a trestle near the beginning of the game, and onto a level-wide gangway. Beware for Compliers, as they teleport in along this gangway.

Bonus Environments

World Arena

The World Arena is a place to sit back and watch monsters from the trilogy, and weapons from all over the Marathon universe, duke it out as one bets on the outcome. There are three teams- yellow, red and purple, but the third team only appears in gameplay if they are themselves selected for the bet. If the player wins the bet, he receives a varying number of points. When twenty are amassed, ten can be exchanged for a game point. The monsters seen in the color-distinguished teams are as follows:

  • Bob/Female Bob Can carry any form of Terran weapon, including those not seen in other parts of the game, for example- the Napalm Backpack Unit and the Mercury Fusion Rifle. They can also wear a variety of different outfits, accessories, and maybe even a flak-jacket, or even a vacuum helmet.
  • F'lickta Fast and aggressive, and quite strong, using a double claw attack. Oddly, all types of F'lickta seen in World Arena (Sewage and Water types) are yellow blooded, rather than red and yellow blooded, respectively.
  • Pfhor Fighter Capable of ranged attack and melee, is nimble, but is weak.
  • Pfhor Trooper Another variable unit, the Trooper is enabled with either the M1 Rifle or the M2/I Rifle, the light armor of M1 or the heavy armor of M2/I, or even shin-pads. Troopers are reasonably fast, and the units donning the heavier armor are very durable.
  • S'pht Complier The Complier uses either the yellow standard bolt or the green seeking bolt, and can be seen in either standard, blocked or even tattered robes. The bolt is effective, but the Complier is slow and not particularly strong.
  • Wasp Not seen using the ranged attack in World Arena, the Wasp is left only with its speed and the paralyzing melee stab attack, and even then itself is weak.
  • S'pht Defender Although it is slow, the Defender is capable of great durability, and can fire at an astounding rate. Is very valuable to the cause of a team.
  • Drinniol The strongest unit in World Arena, the Hulk is strangely quite agile, and is capable of a greatly effective melee claw attack. Is very valuable to the cause of a team.

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