Marathon: Fell

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Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 35
A1-compatible? yes
Developer: Ben Potter
Initial Release: April 1999
Latest Release: November 1999, v 2.0
Status: complete
What's New: T

Set in 2157. Due to a time travel accident, UESC forces encounter Pfhor far earlier than in the original Bungie timeline.

Fell uses textures from Tempus Irae.


  1. Obsolescence
  2. As a Petal Nears the Water
  3. A Merging of Shadows
  4. No Whisper a Man Could Hold
  5. Nocturne Brevis
  6. We Corpses All Sing...
  7. Nox Quondam
  8. The Face Below the Puddles
  9. Vessel in the Depths
  10. Marooned
  11. Ny'alth Vesikeph
  12. The Felt Need
  13. Eine Kleine Nachtmagisch
  14. Phaidros' 8th Guest
  15. How the Stones Were Placed
  16. Shade
  17. The Motion-Seeming Things
  18. The Vessel Transparent
  19. A Small Thing
  20. Tombs
  21. The Value of Dust
  22. The Company Gathered
  23. The Pen in the Now-Empty Room
  24. No Path Sought
  25. Small Breaths
  26. Shadow in the Cave
  27. The Long Walk
  28. Oubliette
  29. Sonaten
  30. Cal'or Prime
  31. Nocturne Magne
  32. Am Ende
  33. One Chance
  34. For Want of a ...
  35. Finis
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