Marathon: Durandal

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Marathon: Durandal
Engine: Marathon: Durandal
Levels: 28 campaign, 13 net, 4 Survival Mode
A1-compatible? Only as Marathon 2
Developer: Freeverse, working for Microsoft
Initial Release: 2007 August 1
Latest Release: 2007 August 1, v Unknown
Status: Complete
What's New:

Marathon: Durandal is a port of Marathon 2: Durandal to Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console. It was made by Freeverseand released in August 2007.


Downloadable content

Jjaro Map Pack

Includes a mix of Marathon 2 and Infinity maps as well as the Double Aught exclusive "Mime Target" which was originally released with the Coriolis Loop netmap pack.

Total Carnage Map Pack

Includes the rest of the missing Marathon 2 and Infinity maps.


In addition to the original English, Marathon: Durandal includes built-in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean translations of the game's terminal texts.

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