Marathon: Dissent

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Marathon: Dissent
Engine: Marathon Infinity
Levels: 24 Solo
A1-compatible? Yes
Developer: Thomas Reed
Initial Release: October 11, 2000
Latest Release: August 8, 2001 (?)
Status: Complete
What's New: MSTU

Marathon: Dissent is a scenario for Marathon Infinity, with a completely original storyline (unrelated to the original Marathon universe).



In the 22nd century, mankind is factious, angry and violent. Overpopulation has caused the poor to become poorer, while colonization of space has made the rich richer -- while at the same time providing them a safe haven from the masses. Some seek to reap the wealth of space for the benefit of all, others wish it for themselves, and still others sow destruction and terror in an attempt to prevent this wealth from ever being accumulated at all. Dissention is rampant in almost every world government. It appears that humanity is going to tear itself apart. Until an event that could either unite humanity -- or destroy it utterly.


To be Added



1 - En Route

Chapter I - Discovery

2 - Arrival

3 - The Gauntlet

4 - CPS Central

5 - Where am I?

6 - Return to Mars

Chapter II - Betrayal

7 - Edison Awakening

8 - Tycho Dome

9 - Endymion

10 - Death

11 - Fission For Trouble

12 - Dalton Base

13 - Alpha Station

Chapter III - Despair

14 - We All Fall Down

15 - Ashes

16 - Texas Toast

17 - Macapá

18 - Beanstalk Node

19 - Into The Fire

20 - The Briar Patch

21 - The Briar Patch

22 - Rescue

23 - The Orkin Man Cometh


24 - Just Carnage

New Enemies

To be Added


To be Added

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