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Los Disneys
A1-compatible? yes
Developer: Jay Kristopher Huddy
Initial Release:
Latest Release:
Status: complete
What's New: MOU

The year is 2015. Steeped in national debt, the United States reluctantly allows the Walt Disney company to purchase the entire peninsula of Florida in the largest geographical acquisition since the Louisiana Purchase. Under its new president, formerly-ousted CEO Michael Eisner, the newly-sovereign state is renamed Los Disneys. Your job is to infiltrate the Magic Kingdom (now the state capital) in an attempt to seek and destroy the cryonically frozen head of Walt Disney. However, doing so inadvertently triggers Eisner's doomsday device, sending a series of thermonuclear warheads hidden deep beneath the surrounding waters of the peninsula to devastate every major city in the world—unless you can stop it.

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